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Spectacular Ghost-Spider

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Spectacular Spider-man IS the best Marvel cartoon ever created.  So I thought I'd draw the best female Marvel character in that style.  Here is Gwen Stacy as the Ghost-Spider.  

Ghost-Spider by Glee-chan Spider-Gwen by Glee-chan  Michelle Jones in Spectacular Spider-Man? by Glee-chan

Disclaimer Stuff
The Spectacular Spider-Man was an animated series created by Greg Weisman and Victor Cook, based off of the early run of Spider-Man comics featuring Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and John Romita Sr.’s work.  Gwen Stacy was created by Stan and Steve, but the Ghost-Spider concept was created by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez.  It’s all owned by Marvel Comics, which is in turn owned by Disney.  I guess I should mention Sony here also because the series was owned/created by them and had to be cancelled due to Disney being an asshololic bitch.   As for the art, it’s based on the Spectacular Spider-Man’s designs, as well as LeeXopher’s art for reference.

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Mean and lean in aquamarine (shoes) - Gwen looking great in your style!

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ClarktoonCrossingHobbyist General Artist

Ah, if only this had been a part of the show...

I say, hoping beyond hope their plan wasn't to kill Gwen off like in the comics.

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pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist

She's cute :3

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GreenRaptor15Professional Digital Artist

It would've been so cool to see her in the cartoon!

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Glee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist

I would have been cool if Disney let Sony finish it.

Yeah, I'm still bitter.

I think the deal was that Sony could keep the movie rights if they sold Marvel the TV rights. I think Marvel was willing to let Sony do more with Spectacular Spider-Man since they were still on the air, but Disney happened. Around that time Disney bought Marvel and tried to get everything Spider-Man related but the movie deal was with Marvel not them. Some legal stuff went back and forth (which you probably already know some of the details) but the end result was all production of season three of Spectacular Spider-Man was dead. The stars aligned for this show to never continue, as now Disney wanted it's own Spidey cartoon. Sony sold their TV rights to begin with because the movies rights were coming up and they wanted to keep that over the cartoon because it makes more money.

OR... Something like that.

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Spider-Gwen is the best!

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On2XSecretProbationHobbyist Writer

You know I love to see Spider-Gwen!

I guess I didn't see The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon...I guess I'll have to check it out!

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Glee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist

It really is the best animated Marvel show....period. The character models aren't really great imo, but with everything else working for it, it won me over. It won ME over, a DC fangirl who wanted to hate it. I'd actually consider it one of the better action animated cartoons ever.

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graywolf73New Deviant
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snowcloud8Professional Traditional Artist

Spec-tac-cu-lar, spec-tac-cu-lar, Music


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“Spectacular Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man cartoon ever” You only speak the truth!
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she looks great!!

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joebev910 Digital Artist

I like her

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That looks really good
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Hey, I like Marvel WAY more than DC, but I can still appreciate the DC related stuff you do (Silver-Bat is my personal favorite piece of yours. She seriously is awesome)

I'm not going to be like that and ask you to draw a Marvel character if you don't want to

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pewternaturalHobbyist Digital Artist

Do you feel dirty now for having drawing a Marvel girl, lol. Spectacular was a good series, I really liked their take on Black Cat and Eddie Brock. I like Spider Gwen's design, but I've always favored Silk's design. I've never read a Silk comic so I don't know if the character is any good, I know her origin is stupid since it's tied to the spider totem crap that I really hated.

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Glee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist

The only reason I don't like drawing Marvel characters (other than being a DC fangirl) is because it opens up the floodgates to people begging for more Marvel characters. Since I like 10 of them at best, it's never ones I'm interested in drawing. Look in the comment section to this right now. I guarantee you this is a request.

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pewternaturalHobbyist Digital Artist

Yea and I bet a lot of them are of Felicia in various fetish situations. Don't get me wrong I love Black Cat, but searching her art work is frustrating, like how I like Power Girls design, but can't search her art. I do like this style though, it might be fun to see you do some DC girls in this style.

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LhenaoHobbyist Digital Artist

it's awesome

Can you make Miles Morales?

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Best Spider character

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Amazing drawing of Spider-Gwen!


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JohnSlaughterHobbyist Digital Artist
Spider Gwen!! I love it. She was my fav part of Spiderverse. (Comic and movie)
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The joke is that nobody in comics stays dead except Bucky, Jason Todd, and Uncle Ben. The punchline is that the joke is outdated; the first two have since been brought back.

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