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I DON'T TAKE REQUESTS! Sorry. My time is limited so I want to draw things for me.

I don't do Commissions.

I don't do Art-Trades because anything I want drawn I can draw myself.

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While it can be argued that famed author Edgar Rice Burroughs often used his female characters as plot devices to motivate is male protagonist into action (he did), I believe this view is simplified and doesn’t represent the reality. Without a doubt, Burroughs was a master world builder, he created edge-over-your-seat adventures, and always had compelling characters that either you wanted to be or wanted to meet. So it seems quite strange that in most of his works female characters seemingly don’t get the author’s detailed orientated attention and are relegated to objects. I reject this notion, and you should too. Let’s get the big thing looming over our heads out of the way first: Burroughs wrote power fantasies for men in pulp magazines, which was a product of his time. This is partially true, however just relegating Burroughs to a simple definition like that is doing the man a disservice. There is a reason why his works stood a part from the many authors doing the same formula
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By pure chance I discovered this forgotten masterpiece by HELLO VENUS. They were a group that suffered from two company changes, coming and going members, and an ill-thought out sexy gimmick that clashed with their original concept. "Mysterious" is their last song, and by that point the group was all but dead. Somehow they made this as their last hurrah and I don't know how it didn't reignite interest in them. Even now the view count on YouTube isn't that great (for a mainstream K-pop group). The issue is... HELLO VENUS kinda were great. A lot of people missed out on them because of all the stupid decisions the companies made. My only exposure was "Sticky Sticky" and "Wiggle Wiggle", the two sexy tracks that made people noticed them but killed their original fan base. The new horny fans didn't stick around when HELLO VENUS returned to performing actual music and that was that. I kinda feel sad that the sexy-concept was all I ever knew of them. "Mysterious" is on par with
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I was going to draw an Anime version of Betty Boop, but before I did I checked to see if anyone else had done before and did so better than what I would have done. AND here it is. Rakeemspoon has made the definitive version of Betty Boop outside of canon, so I differ to them. Check out their Twitter, Pixiv, and Patreon if you like this and want to see more of their stuff.
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Do you have an opinion on the apocryphal books of the Bible? Sorry for coming out of left field. xd

I'm actually not a fan of them, especially Revelations (the "canon" version). To me, most of them are left-overs of when Gnostic texts were still a thing. Out of all the books in the New Testament, Revelations stands out as been out of place with everything else. You have the Gospels and Acts which servers as lessons and early church history time, then the letters various apostles wrote to churches, then... a book about how the world was going to end. Yeah, that matches.

Supposedly "Peter" wrote his own doomsday fanfic as well, but "John's" was better written so it was added to the canonized Bible. To me, Revelations and all the apocryphal works in general are so anti-Christian I can't understand why it's still included. Nevermind the fact that Christians aren't supposed to pining away for Jesus' return or trying to predict it, but this work is trying to scare believers into being a Christian, which wasn't what Jesus was all about. In the end, Christianity is pretty simple. There are two rules: Love God, Love others. Follow those and it covers the Ten Commandments. So trying people nice and worshiping God has NOTHING to do with "John" getting his Tolkien on. Besides, most of the "prophesies" can't be backed up with any other books in the New Testament so it screams to me "This is popular book that we have to add because reasons." Revelations doesn't enhance any of the moral lessons the early Church should be learning, nor does it give us any sort of history on Jesus, the apostles, or the beginnings of the Church. It's just a waste of space and fear mongering.

Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough. But apocrypha in this case would be what was cut out of the standard version of the Bible. Maybe you read that as apocalyptic. I don't think Revelation is apocrypha except for maybe Martin Luther's first translation of the Bible (maybe?). I don't know what my opinion on Revelation would be, although I supposedly read its (maybe) not gnostic in origin since it contradicts their theology. It's interesting to read about I guess, but yeah it's kind of scary content. "The Second Coming" was important dogma when I went to the Baptist Church, but I don't think I would disagree with you it's very different from the rest of the New Testament. lol Also the one thing I like about John is how girly he's depicted. He's almost like a yaoi/BL character in some depictions, but that's just something randomly I picked up on, that John is not masculine, which is interesting. lol Since we went in this direction, what do you think about the building of a Third Temple?

I'd say building a third temple may cause even more strife between Jews and Muslims... but given they already are at each other's throats they might as well. I mean, they can't hate each other more than they do now, so fucking go for it if they don't mind chasing off bombing attempts practically everyday. It'll be a nightmare to build and keep standing even in peace time, never mind now with rockets over head. That whole Palestine region is cursed... I can't view the place as "the Promised Land" as it's been fought over since the time of Ancient Egypt until today. But I don't live there and I don't practice either Judaism or Islam. Luckily my religion doesn't gain credibility through what lands are owned.

BUT if we're talking temples being built, I'd rather see a recreation of Karnak or perhaps the Acropolis - not for worship purposes but more for educations and tourist value. That'd be much more interesting than Solomon's design, mainly because the place would be a holy site, and the average person couldn't enter even half the complex - whether they are the right gender or not never mind being from a different religion or ethnic group. So building a big elaborate complex just for a few priests with mushroom hats to fart around in seems a bit much.

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I love your Roxanne art it makes me think someone should do a animated shot for shot remake of the song Ninja Sex Party did called Heart Boner but instead of Danny and the random girl it should be Max and Roxanne

I have a suggestion

I figure you might like this.