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Christina Marie Lacey
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United States
I DON'T TAKE REQUESTS! Sorry. My time is limited so I want to draw things for me.

I don't do Commissions. I just feel wrong accepting money for fanart and I really don't like drawing other people's OCs.

I don't do Art-Trades because anything I want drawn I can draw myself.

I don't like Beast Boy because I personally find him annoying and thought he got too much air time.

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Some of you know that I work with my Dad as an electrician.  It wasn't a job I sought out or anything, but one I fell into.  It started off working summers in between semesters at Uni, and quickly became a full-time gig once I discovered that my art degree is worthless.  Anyway, I'm saying all that to say I'm an electrician (when forced to be an adult), and that I usually wire up new houses.

However occasionally my boss takes on work that's unconventional.  Sometimes it's pools and hot tubs, but other times it's commercial work instead of residential.  A few weeks ago we wired up the local movie theater's lobby, and this week we have been trenching wire at a summer camp.  That's the set up for this story.  The three of us were in the woods trenching power from the bathhouse to a councilor's cabin.

So the electrical panel we were pulling power from was in the Girl's Bathroom/Shower and as luck would have it, my Boss is one of the rare trades that employ's a girl.  So I was in and out of there out for various reasons, mainly to check to see if the coast was clear, or else do something on my own because my Dad or Boss couldn't go in. 

The girls at the camp were around 8-15 years old, I believe, and the concept of seeing someone like me working that kind of job was fascinating to them.  I can't blame them.  The trades who aren't used to me usually chat me up.  I'm not the only woman who does these kinds of jobs, for the record.  I know of another electrician in town who is woman and she actually owns her own business.  I've met a few woman painters too.  Even met a girl heating and air person once.  BUT it's not like we're common place, so that's why when people see me, it's a curiosity. 

Back to camp.  I spent a lot of time today with a little fan club following me around, curious on what we were doing and so on.  Occasionally the councilors would shoo them away, but I was in the bathroom so it's not like they can keep the girls out forever.  It was kind of cute yet bizarre at the same time.  My Boss wasn't upset that I was getting distracted throughout the day because I was keeping them out of his way, that and I think he liked watching me squirm.  I'm not good with kids... but they like me because God hates me.

There was one girl who kept showing up and hung around more than the others.  She was around 13 or 14 and she seemed to be the scout.  She kept asking questions and kept up with the progress of our work.  See the thing is we have to go back next week and wire her cabin, because the old wire leading to it is probably half-broken underground, which keeps causing problems.  She wants her AC fixed which is why she kept appearing so she could spy on what we were doing today.  I liked her the most because she was so nosy and really bad at hiding it.    

Anyway, I guess it's not much of a story now that I write it down. It just was funny and cute to me.  Maybe it was one of those 'you had to be there' situations?  I don't know.  Why am I writing this?   
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  • Watching: Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
  • Playing: Street Fighter Alpha II
  • Eating: Lamb Chops and Rice Pilaf
  • Drinking: Cherry Coke


Is it just me, or do dA's images look blurry unless they are full sized?  
It IS doing it.  When you upload a highly detailed .png and don't set it to original size, dA compresses it.  Other files the compression isn't noticable, but with pngs it is.  Apparently this has been an issue for others (see below).…
Has someone gone through your whole gallery and started favoriting practically everything?  Right now some guy is on the 300 mark.  lol  He started 30 minutes ago.  I have roughly 2,260 pictures.  How far will he go? 
Wrong Sword by GunShad
Remember when I wondered why She-Ra didn't transform into Conan?  Well, this guy must have thought the same thing.
The worst thing about the TV show Glee (other than people thinking that's where I got my online handle from) is that whenever you're listening to cover songs, you always end up with a bunch of crappy Glee versions.  If I wanted to listen to something that sounds like watered down RadioDisney, I'd find the Christian Station on the radio...
So Adam and Adora use twin-swords who's power comes from Greyskull, right?  Question:  Why does Adam turn into Conan while Adora transforms into Sailor Moon?
(Why is everyone giving me practical answers to this question?  Of course it’s marketing.  I mean in universe canon.  Why were Adora’s powers different?  I want to know!   I WANT TO KNOOOOWWWW!)

Which is better? 

100 deviants said 200X He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
95 deviants said Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe



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Years later and ye still don't do commissions or requests. I am sad.
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I was wondering about your pngs, specifically the ones with transparent backgrounds. Would it be okay with you if I use them? I promise to credit you for it. :)
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Thank you!  I guess I know what you mean.  There are some people I follow because I'm friends with them, some because of their art, and some both ways.  It's cool when you find someone that's the complete package.
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