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Christina Marie Lacey
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I DON'T TAKE REQUESTS! Sorry. My time is limited so I want to draw things for me.

I don't do Commissions. I just feel wrong accepting money for fanart and I really don't like drawing other people's OCs.

I don't do Art-Trades because anything I want drawn I can draw myself.

I don't like Beast Boy because I personally find him annoying and thought he got too much air time.

Valor Girl support stamp by Scintillant-H

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Last October I wrote a WatchMojo Top 10 List parody.  Well a friend commented to me on that, so I went back and re-read it.  It's kind of funny.  I was laughing too hard at my own jokes.  SOOO I'm doing it again.
Like before, if you don't know what WatchMojo is, don't look them up.  It's for your own sanity.

Top 10 Lines Hans Solo Never Said.

Number 10.
"I'll buy that for a dollar!"
--Remarkably, we've never seen Hans Solo handle currency, despite his love for it.  This line actually came from the little known classic called Robocop.

Number 09.
"Warp Speed, Chewy!  Engage!"
--Although the Star Wars universe and the Star Trek universe are practically the same, the method of space travel they use is completely different.  Hans would never tell his faith Wookie Chewbocca to go to warp speed, as they travel in Slipstream.

Number 08.  
"Behind every successful man is a woman.  And behind her is his wife."
--Many might believe that Hans was referring to Ben Kenobi, but the Jedi Lord never had a wife.

Number 07.  
"I know.  I love you too!"
--Many people remember this line incorrectly.  When Princess Leah said that she loved Hans Solo, he only told her "I know."  He did not say "I love you too."  

Number 06.  
"I'd just as soon kiss a Wookie"
--While Hans adored his trusty Wookie, he never said this famous line.  

Number 05.
"Really, what are the options?  Levis or Wrangler.  And you just pick one.  It's one of those life choices."
--While Hans is known for his love of all things denim, it was Harrison Ford, the actor who played him, who said this iconic line.

Number 04.  
"Luke, you must not fear.  Fear is the mindkiller.  You should face your fear and and let it pass through you. Where the fear is gone there will be nothing, only you remain."
--This is one of Hans Solo's most misquoted lines.  He actually was talking to himself, not Luke.

Number 03.
"Fortune and glory, kid, fortune and glory."
--This line might sound correct, but Hans never said it.  It actually was said by Indiana Jones from Raider of the Lost Ark, another film Harrison Ford acted in.

Number 02.  
"Risk.  Risk is our business.  That's what this starship is all about.  That's why we're aboard her."
--While the Millennium Falcon is all about risk, and those aboard her are striving the defeat the Empire, this line was NOT said by Hans.  Lando Cardassian was the one who said this.

Number 01.  
"The Malese Falcon?  That's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 14 parsecs!"
--Close, but no cigar!  Hans Solo's ship is called the Millennium Falcon.


I know... I'm trolling hard on this one
  • Listening to: Play Ugly - Akdong Musician
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  • Watching: Miral Sentai Timeranger
  • Playing: Dragon Quest 11
  • Eating: Lamb Chops and Rice Pilaf
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lmfao.  dA already was asking me if my Jupiter picture was appropriate.  I knew it.  Well I beat them to the punch and deleted it myself before I got another suspension.  Sorry everyone.  You can see it on my tumblr page... as well as a surprise picture I just did.
Jupiter Power Make Up!:…

I really DID beat them to the punch.  On my messages it said dA deleted Jupiter Power Make Up (when I actually did).  They must have done it at the same time I was doing it.  Did I call it or what?
For those who are wondering, I survived Hurricane Florence.  Me and everyone I personally know are safe.
We might be getting a Hurricane, but I'll bet'cha China Buffet will still be open.
dA's acting up again. Sloooowwww (Sept 9th)
Two of my pictures were deleted.  One I can't even remember (Snogging on the Beach), and the other is Drunk Redneck Kes.  The latter doesn't break any dA rules, but that's never stopped them before.  I'd dispute it, but what's the point?

Which is better? 

108 deviants said 200X He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
102 deviants said Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe



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joltinjohnnylucas Featured By Owner 2 days ago
thanks for the favoritsm
pewternatural Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I found some trivia that I don't know if you'll find interesting. Mari in Japanese besides being their version of Maria, also means obstinate or rebellious child. I found that funny, because that fits my Mari perfectly, being a chaos causing neko. It also kinda fits your Mari with the obstinate part at least before she met Yui. I found it out trying to find names for Benihime's parents. Also Benihime means Crimson or Bloody Princess, which I guess also fits Benihime when she is angry. I just named her after Urahara's sword from Bleach because I liked the name and knew it meant some type of princess.
Glee-chan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's interesting.  I remember when I did the first LLL, I researched names forever, trying to find ones that sounded good together, where's that elaborate to read for western eyes, and worked for the character.  There was so much of it that in the end I think I just ended up picking the names I liked best.  Makoto was the ultimate example of that.  I just liked the name.   Maria I named after an Ayumi Hamasaki song.  I can't remember how Shiho came about, but I remember thinking that I didn't like the name as much as the others.  Izumi was one of my favorite names, and at the time she was going to be more like Rei from Girls Dormitory, not what she turned into.  Sora was...uh... Sora Aoi, lmfao.  Not lying, I'll admit it.  She was named after a softcore porn star.  You can somewhat tell from her early designs too.  (For the record, so is Uta Hagawara... she's actually named after two porn actresses)  Kaede was originally going to be Kaori, but I thought that name mixed with Sora was just too Kingdom Hearts.  So I picked a name that was similar.  Yui was one of the researched names that was a popular baby name in Japan (So was Kaede and Shiho, now that I think about it).  Nobuyuki was Tenchi's dad from Tenchi Muyo, lol.  I think Haruka, Mio, and Subaru were just japanese names I knew and just threw in there for characters that didn't matter.... little did I know how how that would change.  Emiko I used before in several other things.  Like the other three, I didn't think she'd be important until she was.  Poor planning.  LLL was a story that allowed the character take my past experiences and run with it.  So it went places I never thought.
pewternatural Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do some of the same when it comes to my wrestling stories. I look up names online or I go to amazon and look up names of manga authors to use. I find last names harder to find than first. Tomoki Hitagi is probably the name that makes the least sense. I named her after Senjogahara Hitagi from the Monogatari series and Tomoki from Watamote, only problem is both are first names. Most of the rest of the names come from anime. You do seem to use a lot of porn names, but then again Uta's story is kinda like a hentai story with her having sex with a teacher. I also agree that Izumi is a cool name, too bad she turned out to be such a psycho. Have you also found out that a lot of female names actually end in ko? It's like in Spanish how a lot of names end in a.

It is funny though how almost every character in LLL has gotten some type of expansion. It's almost hard to believe that you didn't plan for it to be such a massive series. Really your whole universe is impressive when you think about it. You can tell a good variety of stories from more lighthearted to darker sexual tales.
CaptainEdwardTeague Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Traditional Artist
I hope you're having a great day, Christina, keep up the great work
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