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The spirit world exists.  I just saw the ghost of a hot dog I ate during the Fourth of July.
I used to spam watching this back in the day.  So many memories.
107 Random Glee-Trivia
1.  There’s over 100 pictures drawn of me on dA . 2.  My middle name is Marie 3.  I’m allergic to seafood 4.  I prefer Korak over Tarzan 5.  I used to be a goth girl in High School 6.  Butt > Boobs 7.  I hate Beast Boy 8.  My first anime crush was Sailor Mercury 9.  I used to be in a cult 10.  I’m lactose intolerant   11.  I’m not fond of the Beatles   12.  The first comics book I bought was a Spire Christian Archie comic. 13.  I discovered Darna by reaching filipino culture for a friend 14.  I used to own a Jesus action figure 15.  The first time I ever remember liking a girl was in 3rd grade 16.  Mast


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Queen-LilianaProfessional Writer
Did you see the Joker?
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Glee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
Nah.  I know I should support DC and give WB my money, but I'm really not interested in a solo Joker movie, even with JP acting in it.  I do think that DC has been doing well with solo movies since Wonder Woman.  Aquaman made money, even with mixed reviews, and Shazam was a surprise hit.  So with Joker doing well, I think WB finally crawled off of Snyder's dick and are just letting movies be movies.  Besides, I think WB has noticed that people are kinda through with the Marvel formula, after Endgame.  It was a natural end, and people don't want another 20 rounds of movies with B-listers.  DC's lineup seems to reflect this idea, more individual stories that aren't really that connected but could be if forced.  So I dunno.  We'll see.  We have Suicide Squad 2 (by James Gunn this time), Birds of Prey, and Wonder Woman 2 on the line up.  So maybe there's a chance that DC is allowed to just be DC and not copy the MCU formula. 
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Queen-LilianaProfessional Writer
It's not really a Joker movie as much as it's just a really good movie with good acting.  I thought it was great movie, and you know how much I hate everything.  I like, for example, wouldn't touch the Suicide Squad movie with a 10 foot pole.  The thing I liked about this movie too was the media tried to convince people it would cause a shooting.  It didn't, and instead the leftist whining just gave the movie millions in free advertising.  Pretty good rebuke to the mainstream media.
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CaptainEdwardTeague General Artist
Good morning Christina Marie Lacey, have a great day
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thanks for collecting
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hey Glee-chan can i use some of your dcau and teen titans designs for some posters im making? ill credit you when i upload them
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pewternaturalHobbyist Digital Artist

Japan read the Secret and Feudal Bride and said hold my beer, that or Woody Allen is writing light novels.