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Home of the Glowies!

Due to eclipse, a lot of posts/info has additionally been gathered in our discord! Events / Adopt updates / Adopt Theme polls etc will be cross posted there too from now on! c:

Join our discord!

A medium sized but dedicated group focusing on the the Closed Species “Gleamstic” and their world, Candoris. We strive to make the community grow & fun for everyone! Joining as an owner isn't obligatory, but very much encouraged- You don't even need to own a Gleamstic to join! Everyone is welcome, and applications are now automatically approved (thanks eclipse for making group notifications a pain to see).

Since 2016, we are doing our best to keep this group active despite working full time jobs! This includes posting Adopts regularly (at least once a month), including special price reduced Adopts for First time Owners (FTO) when possible, as well as MYO events every month. MYO prices have and will always be the same as back in 2016 when the species was first founded, and will not be raised with demand. This means Gleamstic will stay affordable for everyone starting at just 6 EUR!

Alternatively, there have been many opportunities for free designs or free MYO slots via events. We even offer a milestone journal where you can work towards a set goal with the possibility to gain prizes such as free slots, discounts or trait additions for future MYOs. We will keep working hard to make this a fun community!


Hi all!! Those who follow what I'm working on via discord know already, but of course I prepared a christmas adopt calendar for this year as well! c: Other than usual, however, this years calendar will be half/half of Gleamstic and Lopilu (my newest CS) designs. Still, I feel it belongs into this group, as there are 12 Gleamstic designs that will be sold! This year, I picked a couple of themes, and then made 3 designs each for them for day 1-18, and day 19-24 are 2 per theme and on fullbody bases. Pricing details and claim details will be on the post once claims open, which will be next weekend! However, patrons of mine still have the chance to preclaim until the 25th of november (unless they already did) - so please take this little teaser knowing there miiiight still be some unavailable by then ;U;/ Have a good weekend! - cyl
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VilmaMonster Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2020
Thanks for the add. Have a nice day.
VilmaMonster Featured By Owner Edited May 25, 2020
Hi. I was told that your group has Myo Events at the begining of every month. And want to know more about it to plan both my time and budget.
Some basic questions:
Do you prepose Free Myo?
Can i pay with Points for a Myo?
What are the prices for Myo slots? I'd like to get Common and Uncommon.
Can a person without Myo participate in your Events and Prompts?

I noticed a gallery for Humans and Hybrids from Candoris. What kind of art can i submit there? 

Did i understand correctly that there Gleamsticks from Candoris and alien Gleamsticks? What are the difference between them?
CyDopts Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2020
Hello! i deeply apologize for the late reply, eclipse has fucked over group notifications and I only now saw this ;;

1. There used to be free myos in the past, I won't say there won't be any in future, but it may be a while. Also, free MYOs of my species are generally not tradeable/sellable even when the design is finished, so thats something to keep in mind.

2. Points are fine to pay with yes!

3. You can find prices and all here, they have not changed since I created the species: Gleamstic MYO's - June [OPEN]

4. Prompts can also be entered by drawing other people's Gleamstic! And some events may be open for hybrid/human characters in Candoris too.

5. Humans and Hybrids is art of characters that are not Gleamstic, but reside in the world that Gleamstic live in, Candoris

6. Gleamstic come from the abyss in Candoris. Alien Gleamstic have arrived from outer space. Alien Gleamstic are considered the "original" form of Gleamstic, whereas our normal Gleamstic are probably the offspring of Candoris residents and Alien Gleamstic waaaay in the past! 
VilmaMonster Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2020
Thanks for the answers.
Can i make payment by parts?
(I'm waiting for Point prize i won in Month Core Contest for April. It may take 2 months to get it. So, probably, i'll have enough of Points, when the Myo will be ready for payment. Presently i have only 3$ on balance. Though i'll search for ways to increase it.)
CyDopts Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2020
payment is due by the time you send your MYO in. But I'm pretty sure MYOs for this month are closed right now, my mod friend just doesn't have a lot of time to update right now with all thats going on in the world ;U; So by the next MYO you should have the funds!
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SoraFan810 Featured By Owner May 5, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Random question: would a Candoris Hybrid and a Gleamstic be able to have a child, or would chances of that be slim?
Animeeka Featured By Owner May 14, 2020  Hobbyist
The information you're looking for may be found here: Gleamstic [Closed Species Guide]
Toward the bottom, under 'Birth & Reproduction'
SoraFan810 Featured By Owner May 14, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I read it. Thanks^^
Eyebrowcat28 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
how would i go about taking characters out of the species??
Animeeka Featured By Owner May 1, 2020  Hobbyist
The information you're looking for may be found here: Gleamstic Adoptable Rules [10.07.18]
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