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In the past I've held contests and the like for Black Paw or Vasteel Heart here on DeviantArt, but there's nothing of that sort this year. There's still one more character from Black Paw that hasn't yet seen the light of day though, and she's the mild mannered, always kind orphan by the name of Garbi:
Garbi by GleamingScythe

Little would anyone guess the true darkness behind her origins, or the unbridled destructive force that lurks within the otherwise seemingly innocent girl...
Sorry for the lack of contests/content, and I hope 2014 will be good to everyone!
UPDATE: Well, the Kickstarter fell through the ice like an anvil dropped from high orbit. The biggest downside though, was there wasn't a whole lot of feedback from anyone, so that doesn't exactly leave me with a lot of clues as to what direction to go in next. However, there was a nice review of the Kickstarter posted at: (… ) which taught me that I suck at making Kickstarter campaign pages. (And probably at managing them, too. Then again, I'm stuck using IE 8, so half the time Kickstarter wouldn't even work for me, but, excuses, excuses.) And one fellow was kind enough to post a LOT of information on just how much work it usually takes (far more than I can manage, or do, apparently) to run a Kickstarter.

Long story short; Kickstarter won't work. If I revisit the idea again, I'm going to need to enlist help to make it happen, or else it will just sink if I go it solo a second time.

The great thing about the Kickstarter, was it offered an opportunity to get the softcover version of Black Paw out this year. That probably won't happen now, and I have too much else going on in my life at this point to sink the massive funds into Black Paw (or Vasteel Heart, for that matter.) that I had in previous years. Especially since previous years have shown that under present conditions I'll make back just a little over 1% of the initial investment. The cost is too high, and the proft too low. That's not to say I won't decide to go back to bleeding myself dry financially in the future in pursuit of my passion and dream, but I just can't do that now. I can't do that next year, either.

And if that sounds overly grim, well, I guess it is... But I'm not one to give up. Just as I don't draw the actual pages of Gleaming Scythe's comics, I probably shouldn't be the one handling the marketing/promoting of them either. Unfortunately, finding someone to do that isn't as simple as finding someone to draw the pages, or do a character design. There are a few other options I'll be looking into this year as well to get things moving again, (inaction is the mortal enemy of creativity.) but they're all pretty wild & out there. The Kickstarter seemed the most viable by far, and that one didn't turn out well at all.

So for the forseeable future, I'll be doing the only thing I CAN do. That is, scripting the rest of The Black Paw & Vasteel Heart. I've even started scripting the tabletop 'Black Paw Prequel' that covers the story of what happened 250,000 years ago with Tiamat and the end of human civilization. But as a heads up, I don't expect to be around here a lot this coming year (2014) and I definitely don't expect to have anything to upload. (Art or otherwise.)