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Giant Dragonfly

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Above all other Arthropods that survived into the future world (with the exception of the Megas Beetle) the giant dragonflies of tomorrow remain almost as bizzare as the day the species was altered by the god of the Arthropods to serve as tools in the war against humanity. After the Arthropod god was trounced by Tiamat, dragonflies were again altered to return to some degree of normalcy for the species, but dragonflies refused to give up their powers. They regained the ability to reproduce, and returned to being mortal creatures, but also remain more intelligent than they were previously, and still hold their great size, and most spectacular of all, their great speed. The fastest biological creatures in history, these giant are able to approach mach 1 at the cost of their own lives. Utilizing powerful jaws, these dragonflies are able to chew through tough armor plating, and continue feeding on other arthropods as the main portion of their diet.

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Awesome! "Double Kill"
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I likes it! Can I have one?
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Wow, pretty creepy looking. If they can kamikaze at Mach 1 (by why would they?) they must be able to still fly pretty fast in normal circumstances. I wonder what kind of water bound terror their giant nymphs would be. In either stage, they would probably be quite the ravenous predators as normal sized dragonflies feed voraciously on other insects.
I am interested in learning more about this God of the Arthropods, and what role it plays in the fall of man, and if it is another Divine Golem or if it manifests in some other form.
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Leftovers from their time serving the arthropod god. They were the "jets" in it's army back then and could go faster than mach 1. They'll eventually lose those speeds. The God of The Arthropods was the second "Guardian" of Earth. A type of "emergent" bacterium. It's like one of the planets white blood cells, triggered by a threat to the planets continued biosphere, using organic materials on the surface of it's "type" to combat the infection/invader. It represented quite a new angle in terms of it's method compared to the first guardian.
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Hmm, I see, so they developed these traits when it served a purpose that served something other then survival of the species. Hmm, I see, so the "God of Arthropods" was a natural defence triggered by the Earth in response to the Divine Golems or Tiamat or both. So such a 'supernatural' defence system will come into existence only when a threat of extra dimensional origin, like the Divine Golems, comes into existence, the very nature of what it faces allowing it to violate the natural order in the same way as its foes, right?
If I'm wrong about that though, how else does something that is essentially the defence system of the Earth so readily defy the natural order so much?
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Right, more or less.. I wouldn't say the threat has to be extra dimensional exactly, but it's correct enough since such a responce will only trigger because of a Sage/s and they get their powers from The Astral Plane, the level connecting all the dimensions in our universe.
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Hmm, yes, I see. Then it makes sense that earth will fight fire with fire then, fight those that break the laws of this world with broken laws itself.
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