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DDLC: Natsuki gets wedgied by the player

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Video games wedgies are the future people. Especially when you can do it to tsundere short pink haired anime girls.
You might have to zoom in a bit to read the comic, Sorry about that!

If you want to view just the image look here;
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Thanks guys!


All those depicted and mentioned within this piece are 18+ of age. Since the Dimensions of the piece are rather large, download it if you want a high resolution version. I do not claim ownership of Doki Doki Literature Club, i have merely produced fan art revolving around the game.

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Monika next please?

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What is the game? and is real?
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Oh man would love to see all the ddlc girls(especially yuri) great job man
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I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet, I can see all the DDLC girls secretly into wedgies or atleast being okay with the player giving them wedgies. Very well done especially on her head and body!
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Looks amazing! Great work! :D
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Thanks for the kind words!
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This is probably a stupid question but is that screenshot real and unedited?
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Screenshot was made using a DDLC standalone mod where you can manipulate text and poses to recreate the game!
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Bless your soul, Glazzy. Natsuki wedgies are what I SOLELY live for, thank you Desu~ 😍
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Glad you enjoyed it!
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I wish there were more games involving wedgies. Even VN would be just fine.
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God i hope that wedgies make an appearance in games, its only a matter of time!
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Natsuki, what a cutie
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Cute but fierce, a dynamic combo for sure
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You know  this isn’t here first time being bounced by her undies 
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