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December 26, 2010
Praetorian by ~glazyrin is a stunning work of art with combination of highly detailed modeling and paint over. Don't forget to visit the artist's gallery.
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Wip [link]
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Mesmerizing for reasons I can't name, just staring at it is enough! :) Thanks, it also added so much to the song Staying by Koda and the book that I read back when I discovered this song. A picture so full. Thank you!

Phenomenal work! I love the entire vibe. What software did you use to make it?

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i love this.... ALOT
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Very nice. Not sure what Florence Cathedral is doing in ancient Rome, but nice anyway.
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Great work, man.
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I love this picture...
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This is amazing! Probably one of my favorite styles of art! If you don't mind me asking, what programs did you use to make this?  :D
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This is so intense! :O
How long does it take to make something like this??
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This picture is simply breathtaking. And I love how you used your creative license to add the Florence Cathedral (Brunelleschi's dome to be exact) in next to the Colosseum. Even though the two were built about 1300 years apart it's still breathtaking. 
Molto Bene 
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Wow. This is amazing. You really captured piece of daily life from 2,000 years ago. This gives me a sinking feeling, as I would give anything just to visit the moment this painting depicts.
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yeah, like the feeling of the surrounding epic ambiente very, its nice ^_^
...but might maybe have a little more extention,but very good work =)
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This looks magnificently amazing.
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This looks looks like romantic era art that belongs in a museum. Fantastic job!
roman era* lol
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I meant romantic. I'm taking about 19th century romantic art that often portrayed scenes like this. 
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that looks awesome! :]
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