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small work for small challenge. in free time)
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wow this is really fantastic, can I try to make this in 3d , I will add your site for insparation
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Hi! I'm persian and this is not persia! persians are iranians not arabs!
why the world don't understand this?? arabic culture is completly different from persians.

btw your work is stunning :)
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Shouldn't you say Iranians are Persians not Arabs? Adds for emphasis. Also, tbh, alot of people can't tell the difference in the current age, what with Iran being heavily Islamic like the rest of the Middle East (barring Israel). You can't blame them, we can barely tell the cultural difference from afar besides your language and what you call yourselves. After that, I can't see much difference at the first few glances. 
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Yes maybe you are right! but I don't understand the companies, media and artists who are making a movie, game and ... about some middle east country and never google about it!!
They make a game about turkey, iran, india or pakistan and you see that everywhere on the walls are written in arabic or all the people are talking arabic!! I mean we just share Alphabet! that's all! It is just like we make a movie about america and everybody is talking Spanish! or making a movie about Korea and everyone is talking Chinese! just because we "can't see much difference"!!  
They spend a huge money and time on that and never search anything about it?? what a waste of time and money!
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I see. Also, it'd be wise to not make the mistake of calling India a middle eastern country.
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I've seen this place in a cd cover of Sarah Brightmans's album Harem. :) Amazing artwork!
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Outstanding !!
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This place comes in the photos of Sarah Brightman's album harem. It's so beautiful!
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This is Morocco ??
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I'm sorry but it's Arabia not Persia :3
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woowwww!!! que buen trabajo, the best!
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wOw.....!! superb!
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а как ето делается такое? рисуется с чистого листа или вырезаются фотки дерева, кустиков и т.д. а потом обрисовывается? не могу понять как такое рисовать, пробую но не получается чтоб такая детализацыя была :'(
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wow man thats just EXCELLENT WORK!
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well done, I like the palette :)
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Ну знаете ли, это же вообще крутотень)
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да ладно вам. перехваливаете. можно было лучше
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