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you leave me and I'll lose it

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Some of my fav parts of G-Rev was when Tyson got abandoned by his teammates, lost, got super mad and upset, and doubted himself then came back 1000% harder than before. Hell yeah man, Tyson is my fav forever!!!! GO HARD! GO SHOOT! LET IT RIP BEYBLADE!

P.S. Thanks to my sis TechnoRanma for lending me her tablet cuz I don't have one anymore and I had to do all the lineart with a touchpad mouse and the select tool lol

Kinomiya Takao (Tyson Granger) and all likeness of Beyblade is © HUDSON SOFT/TAKARA/HASBRO, BEYBLADE PROJECT, TV TOKYO, Nelvana
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This picture basically sums up the torment Tyson went through at the beginning of season 3, and I felt really bad for him.  For someone who is so driven by the love of his friends, then having everyone go off in different direction . . . he needs hugs!! Lots and lots of hugs!!!

I don't think I could like one panel more than the others, because they're all done really well.  All the way down to the tiny bits of detail, and the what stands out is the shape difference between Ray and Max's arms.  Ray looks so beefed up!! Lol.

Again, another great picture, well done! ^_^
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So emotional! :(
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OMG I love your Art so much!!!! <3
I really miss U and your Kai and Takao Fanarts!
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One thing I loved about Beyblade what it showing how the team could have tensions over the fact that while they're the best team Tyson was still known as the best individual overall and how by the third season that drove them to split up so they could try to have a shot at beating him. That's not always something shows like that think about, and I think you captured it really well here how Tyson had to have taken it.
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G revolution for ever !!!! <3
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And the one of my most favorite artist is finally back :heart: missed you Glay! ^^
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it all returns to bey
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Wow, dude this is some nice art; I enjoy the colouring, shading and filters (?)
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Cool and Yup I sometimes I feel like tyson specially when I feel upset for my friends and girlfriend.
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Seriously when it comes to Tyson, you are such a loyal fan. You show so much understanding for this character, in your art and stories. You are his number one fan after all. ;) Sometimes I think you might have been him in another life. lol ;) God I missed Tyson so much, the feels I have seeing this. ;_; Looking forward to some possible Tyka art soon. :heart: They are rereleasing the first season on Aug. 12, can't wait to get my copy, hopefully season 2 and 3 will come soon after. 
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TAT............ That is the nicest thing anyone has ever told me. Oh my goshhhh... AND WHAT?????? I WANT THOSE DVDS. Omg... O_______O 
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Well it's true! Keep being awesome! XD 
Happy dance. Here it is:…
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omg glay i fucking love you <3
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<333333 love u too! and damn I got you covered, next upload will be tyka
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;A; those moments oh that was heartbreaking but its true Tyson got stronger and in the end they battled together!
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yes that was the best ending!!!!!
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This picture look absolutely amazing, you have managed to capture these sad moments perfectly. Well done! :clap:
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eee thank you!!!
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