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my entry to William Shatner's Cosplay Contest

By Glay
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cosplay by: :iconglay:
photo by: :icontechnoranma:
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You look like, a really young Shatner!Heart  I love!
If I may, I'd like to ask if you made the shirt, or if you bought it. Thanks!
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Nice cosplay~!
I can't wait till I am old enough to cosplay~
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I almost wanna say this reminds me of an anime/manga rendition of Kirk, I guess 'cause your eyes are bigger and you're overall like a prettier version of Shatner.
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I still can't get over how awesome you pull this character off!!! You really do have that Shatner vibe going and the facial expression is just perfect! I don't even have to tell you the uniform is perfect....EVERYTHING YOU MAKE IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work!! :D
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gauhhhhhh thank you SO MUCH Ammie seriously!!!! THANK YOUUUU AHHHH
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It's logical to say that you're very pretty on this photo with tribbles, captain.
But where's your first officer?
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Wow, you're really pretty!
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Pin-up James Kirk!

No, seriously speaking: wonderful job here. The skills behind the make-up make you look very alike Shatner. Might be the perfect hair style too but, anyway: yeah, good job! :)
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Your eyes and smile really capture the essence of Kirk. The uniform is of secondary import compared to the confidence and charm expressed on your face. How did you do that?
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Mr. Shatner is my favourite celebrity. I reaaaaally wanted to emulate him! Your comment totally just made my whole month, thanks so much >-<;;; <3
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Your face looks... odd. Did you Photoshop it?
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Oh I see! Your Cosplay looks awesome.
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I wish they will announce soon!!
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even if I don't hear from it I'm really happy with this photo thanks TwT
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Fantástico, realmente increible :)
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And this why you're kinda flawless, hon.
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LOL thanks!!!
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double wow.
Don't go getting into tribble now, ya hear ;-)
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You knew I was tribble when I walked in though
Dragonstar78's avatar
You're such a tribble maker =D
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badum shhhk You win XDD I lol'd at that one!!
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