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Something Romantic
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By Glay   |   Watch
Mature  |  Published: February 3, 2007
© 2007 - 2019 Glay
Was a bit overdue for another Chichi x Goku pic, do you think? This is dedicated to ~Gosha-Chan :heart: But also for other GxCC shippers~

Son Goku and Chichi and all likeness of DragonBallZ © Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Shueisha Inc., Aiko Animation, TOEI Animation
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It's really weird, I have a hard time seeing these two doing anything romantic, it's like finding out your parents have sex. (Yeah, I had shitty IRL role models, so I latched onto the first normal looking thing I saw, which happened to be these two)
wrightmother's avatar
wrightmotherHobbyist Traditional Artist
Get in there!
Pozest-star's avatar
Pozest-star Filmographer
I love this. SO so so so much. I can't even tell you... Wow!!
Mallie3's avatar
Mallie3Hobbyist Writer
Love it!
jgkitarel's avatar
If this was during the week he kicked Gohan out of the house, we know where Goten came from. ^^
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Lady-ShainaHobbyist General Artist
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NereidussStudent General Artist
woooooooooooooooooowwwww i love it!!!
luvondarox's avatar
I wish they had shown this side of ChiChi in the anime, instead of ... well... you know how she was portrayed.
The emotion in this piece is incredible. It's nice to see an actual relationship between the two of them. I seriously never could tell if those two actually loved each other in the anime (aside from the time Goku was suffering from that heart disease and it seemed like he was about to die). She was always more concerned with her son than her own husband.
jeffroell8's avatar
Well, thats because she knew Goku could take care of himself
hubbhi's avatar
I love this so much!!!
loppytaffy's avatar
loppytaffyHobbyist General Artist
That's so cute...Kyaa it's a shame they only showed Chichi as a total bitch in the anime- this is...mmm i dont even know how to describe how totally cute this is.
jeffroell8's avatar
Well, you know she she has a pure heart because she was able to help Goku turn into a Super Saiyan God, and she was also able to ride the nimbus cloud Kama so maybe her "bitching is justifiable
jeffroell8's avatar
Well, we know Chichi has pure heart due to the fact she could help Goku turn SSJ god AND ride the Nimbus cloud, so maybe her "bitching" is justifiable
Glay's avatar
Total bitches can be fun, but yeah I agree XDD
loppytaffy's avatar
loppytaffyHobbyist General Artist
I remember one time he pimp slapped her through a wall (blamed it on not being used to the gravity on earth). That shut her up.
Glay's avatar
LOL I liked that scene. Oh man
loppytaffy's avatar
loppytaffyHobbyist General Artist
Totally put her in her place. Meh, she could be worse- she could be the whiney metal-bikini wearing, laser shooting, blade throwing kid like when they first met- now SHE was annoying.

I guess she needs to be assertive otherwise he'd never listen to her, would you listen to someone who worshipped the ground you walked on simply cos you saved her life and home and father a few times? No, no you wouldn't. Chichi knew exactly what she was doing right from the start- hence why she chased him up at the tournement and offered a fight for a bet.
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COOKEcakesHobbyist Filmographer
beautiful. :) this couple feels likes a romantic relationship doesn't even exist between them in the anime. nice to see something on the sweet romantic side for them.
Glay's avatar
totally know what you mean.. they're kinda conveniently together.. X'D
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