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Hold Still For This Moment

By Glay
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It all goes downhill from here X)

Son Goku and Chichi and all likeness of DragonBallZ © Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Shueisha Inc., Aiko Animation, TOEI Animation
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this is amazing
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You know what sucks?

Apparently Goku never kissed Chichi...
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Which makes you wonder, Did chi-chi rape goku for the kids to happen?
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Meh, I dunno. I heard about that & I can't help but think that Chi'ch wouldn't for never being kissed. I'm thoroughly convinced that Goku was referring to how Trunk mama birded Mai by feeding her the Senzu mouth-to-mouth. It's just Vegeta who misinterpreted the statement. I choose to have faith in Goku & I'm stickin' to it!
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Aw romantic 😍😍😍
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Goku and Chichi. There is no one like Goku. He truly is Chichi's true love.
The colors and the feeling of love between these two; blissful.
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Too bad Chi-Chi became a useless nagger in DBZ. I wished she stayed the way she was in DB.
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This is a fantastic picture, Glay! I didn't know about your picture before. I'm glad I got the right person here now!
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I'm sorry to inform you someone has taken this and uploaded it to their gallery: Goku and chi chi kiss
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Thanks again for telling me!
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One of the only dbz weddings we actually got to SEE
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Beautiful work on her veil and gown
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I think that's the meaning of TRUE LOVE. <3
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That is really nice.
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aww the wedding looks really awesome congrats Glay
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Awesome <3 *u*
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Awe! Its so sweet and adorable
! :-)
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