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Glauber Lopes
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Current Residence: São Paulo - BRAZIL

Favourite Visual Artist
Akira Toriyama, Hiroaki Samura, Takehiko Inoue, Naoki Urasawa.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
X-Japan, L'arc and Ciel, Pantera, Animetal, Janne da Arc, Slayer, Megadeth and...METALLICA!!!!
Favourite Writers
Sartre, Spinoza.
Favourite Games
Rockman and Rockman X series, Street Fighter, KOF, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy series, Xenogears, etc.
Other Interests
Art, Music, People
ENGLISH: Hello! I had never done comissions, but now I feel it's time. It's your chance to ask anything you want! Just read and follow the rules below: Rules - How do I get a commission? If you are interested in a comission, send a note with your request and I will send back the final price and information for payment. - Payment For those who live abroad, it can be made ​​through bank deposit, Paypal or Western Union. I will only collect payment after the sketch is approved (in the case of sketches, this step is excluded). Once confirmed, I will send the final illustration with high resolution. Terms -The illustration is
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I'm here to share with you some words of one of the best human being existing on face of this earth. "The function of art is not only the fact that lead man to know and change the world, but also for its magical character, the magic that is inherent. Devoid of this residue of magic coming from their original nature, art stops being art. it is inferred that the art is as old as man, and this, in principle, a magician. was using tools that man became man, took place himself. Simultaneously, the man and the tool now there are intricately linked to each other. Man possesses reason and hand, and was the hand that freed human reason and produced s
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Hello! Another short story, this way looks more like a poem, or a prose. Read it and tell me whether you like it or not :) Barked. Barked. Showed his teeth. Fierce, fierce. ... Barked, barked. He felt offended. Unsafe, insecure, needed to show who was boss. Growled. Growled. Suddenly, the mirror. ... Winks. Winks. ... Dark. Dark. ... winks. Reflected. Reflected. Teeth. Teeth. Look at them. Suddenly, paura. Fear. Fear. Barked. Barked. Bristled the fur. The reflected sound. High, high. Caught by surprise, the creature fled. He slipped into the denser forest, hoping not to find that mirror again. But the pride it carried, an
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Your art is really, really good! Your comic looks great and you've got such a cool style! :D
From one comic artist to another, keep up the amazing work my friend!
You're doing great!!
Hello Demonfox!
Thank you for stopping by and leave such nice comment!
Let's keep up the good work!
You are very welcome my friend! I was happy to. I really like your style and I hope your artwork takes you far!
Absolutely! Us artists have to stick together after all ^_^
Can't agree more! :D
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I just discovered your work and holy crap are they good!
This style is a style that I love to see-
You must keep this up, Glauber
 O' v'O )//
Oh thank you, Johnnat852!

I'll keep doing my best. Always trying to get better and show better stuff :)
Keep in touch! Have a nice day!


Of course!

Your work is pretty magnificent.

I wouldn't admire it otherwise