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Oh yeah, and guys, I'm still going to buy Black/White anyway no matter how ugly the Pokemon are. And no I don't hate the new Pokemon, I'm just poking fun at them.

Download for a bigger size.


Wow, this drawing took freakin' forever. x_x I don't think I've ever stuffed that many characters into one image.

Anyway, this came from a funny idea I had when they first revealed all the 5th generation Pokemon (I mean seriously, a coffin? weird mutated Siamese ice cream cone twins?), in which the old ones gang up on the new ones, but I knew it would take a lot of work to draw so I never ended up doing it until now. =P

I started this around a week ago but didn't finish until now... took around 7 or 8 hours. The original resolution is flippin huge.

Hope you guys like!
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Nobody understands these gen 5 Pokemon, because their all Object based due to the fact that Unova is based on New York which has highly expensive merchandise, and for Trubbish and Garbodor's existance is It's garbage problem along with the mass of Pigeons for Pidove, but at least i like Vanilluxe because... Cone cocks.........??? (I can't believe I find ice cream attractive)
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I could imagine the two making the sound Curly makes when hes nervous xD
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Well I give up Pokemon 2005 then everyone has gone crazy with the Pokemon Go including some of my friends.  

Alone again without common interest with them..... 
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pokemon to me stopped being good around gen 4
The names and designs reaaaally went down hill at X and Y. Garbage pokemon... a cotton candy and ice cream pokemon..? you cant think of any other animals or mythical creatures or different type of horses or dogs or birds or.. ANYTHING but garbage and keys and gears..? Oke sure yes, the other gens had some weird ones like muk and voltorb, but seriously, why not a tiger pokemon or a chimera or a Clydesdale pokemon? Not.. garbage. .w. really I think it is mostly them trying to put out a lot more pokemon quicker to get toys / games / cards out faster. Look up some fakemon on deviantart, there are some really nice ones that makes it kinda sad to think that something like Klink is real, and those fakemon are not. :/
Very funny drawing. Love the shading and expressions.
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Vanillite <3
h8ers gon b h8n'
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This picture is genwunners in a nutshell
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you don't hate the newer pokemon ? your full of shit alright 
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Oh yea! In 1. and 2. generation pokemons was really nice. 3. much PK was really nice too... 4.? 90% i don't liked and i try to think that ones what i hate don't really exist... and After 4 gen? ... i like only chosed pokemons because 99% are shit... And really... i try to think that ones what i hate don't exists... Well drawed! Good job ;) But its a little to much to chase them with torch in my opinion... i just try to think that really is not real ... only imagination of morons :D  gj ;)
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hahahaha funny bro 
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let's look at gen1, apile of shit that evolves a bigger pile of shit, a rat, a boxer, a duck holding a stick
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i'm also a fan of the first three genertions, then i began to like the fourth and after a while even the fifth (Cofagrigus is awesome x3) but i still and i guess i'll always hate the sixth generation :D
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The only reason people say the old Pokemon were better than the new ones is because of nostalgia. I mean magnet, poke ball, sludge, and egg Pokemon were not great ideas. 
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I love gen 5 and there pokemon its probably because unova is based off of the U.S and three were made by a American...

I was going to say something else but I forgot what it is I was going to say

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You know, the first gen Pokémon are cool and all but they aren't as cool as you think they are, just look at muk and grimer- they are blobs! I actually like my vanilite-Its adorable!- Its just nostalgia that keeps us from loving these Pokémon.
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:iconareyoukiddingmeplz: And sure EEVEE isn't ugly.
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my favorite poison type is actualy garbodor :icongarbodorplz:
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a new X and Y pokemon is based of cotton candy :I But I still like it

Anyway, Nice Art :D
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I wanted the cotton candy, too bad I don't like xernias and got y instead of x
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Oh geez. This one was awkward who knew the ghost would run away from the old school gens. Love it.
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I Actually Like Gen 5:iconsadplz:
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Jigglypuff looks kinda evil XD
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