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Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year everyone!
2017 was a rather neutral year, some good and bad moments but overall fun with friends.

2017 was also rather lazy for me, I felt unmotivated for most of it and most did doodles and commissions rather than full personal art. Perhaps internally tired and most of all sleepy, but I gotta push myself now.
I hope this 2018 I become more productive, I'll give it the try!

My 2018 resolutions in art:
-Practice human anatomy (except Fire Emblem characters fanarts)
-Fully develope my comic projects, I hope enough to talk about it to you guys.
-Start a webcomic around later 2018, or at least sometime early 2019.
-Do more full art, even if fanart. (Doodles will still continue)
-Push myself more in doing art overall, I need to kick my own butt about it.

I give no promises, all I can say is that I'll "try", wish me luck!
Some side resolutions:
-Actually learn basic stuffs such as cookie and washing my clothes and drive.
-Get more Fire Emblem stuffs.
-I guess also get a job, I have to anyway.

Anyway, have a good night, Happy New Year!

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Happy new year to you.
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Happy new years at your place but still New Years Eve here