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Casteliacone Logic

Finally posted something, right? missed my drawings, people? XD

I was playing Pokemon Black2 one day and this happened, and I was wondering, how an ice cream can unfreeze a frozen pokemon? both are ice! what those icecreams have? (and how they could eat them?) they are even selling them for people XD

sorry for rushed BackGround, I need to go to sleep now.

yes I have a Lucario in my Black2
Name: Nate

Pokemon belongs to GameFreak
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All i can say is Nintendo logic cause Nintendo never makes things sensible.
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an impeccable strategy *strokes chin*
Pokemon logic, lol:mlgmontage: 
...are you all blinded yet? Or are you too busy having a seizure? Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1]  (Jk sorry! Just a joke! Not trying to be cruel...)
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pokelogic at it's finest!
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pokemonlogic, we love it and we hate it xD
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Wait a minute, how can the Pokémon even eat the ice cream if its body is frozen solid? hmm 
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Ask the pokemon company on that on XD
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I figured out how it works it's peppermint with real peppers and you just take out the peppers of he has a burn maker perfect logic
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xD i love this XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD great job :)
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.... it's very Hot Ice Cream
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lol this is so true even though it has never happend to me
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This is very classic just like many jokes that I seen.
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Let me ask you this, HOW THE FUCK CAN A DAMN FIRE TYPE GET BURNED.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pokemon hates me apparently
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well, it could have been weirder----
a vanillite could have used the icebeam
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I really don't understand how it unfreezes XD
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It might be an odd translation. "Itching Cream" relieves itchiness, doesn't it? You don't eat it--it's a topically-applied ointment. So maybe it's the same with "Ice Cream"--it relieves frozen-ness.

Just food for thought.

...Now I want some ice-cream. The food kind, not the ointment kind.
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I wanted a Darmantian so bad D:
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