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It was on a cloudy after noon that it all began, all the TV stations and radio stations were broad casting about the alien invasion. There were blurry pictures of them but nothing really concrete, it didn’t matter though, one only need to step outside to see the ships in the sky, some of them hovering over, others coming down to land. No one was sure what they wanted, but it’s not like they were given a chance, fear ruled the people and before a single question was asked the military was armed and ready. It didn’t matter though, the people were quickly overwhelmed as more and more of the alien ships landed on Earth. Guns had little effect on the creatures and they were too fast to catch with any really big weaponry. They were easily a foot or taller than the average male, and always female.

It had been a week since it began, TVs were offline now, only one or two radio stations still broadcasted in her area, but Andrea knew it was a matter of time before they went off too. It was the end and Andrea knew it. She had locked herself in her small studio apartment, living on the top floor all she could do was hope and pray that they would never find her and just leave the planet. She doubted that though, at least she doubted she’d outlive their stay.

Suddenly her door crashed open and Andrea cringed, curling up into a ball on her bed, though she couldn’t resist peeking out between her arms to see the creature standing in the mess, one dark chocolate eye locked with a set of dark red ones. It smiled and slowly began walking towards her, her hips swaying.

“Well, lookie the luscious treat I’ve found….” The creatures voice was entirely too sexy to be that which would kill her, still she wouldn’t let go of her own legs, holding tight to her fetal position, trembling as it grew closer and closer.

Finally it stood over her, looking down at her. Andrea squinted her eyes, pushing out tears, “Please don’t hurt me…” She begged softly, scared to speak.

“Hurt you? Why my pretty little pet, I’ve no desire to hurt you.” Surprised, Andrea looked up and when their eyes met the Vovin jumped onto her, pinning down her thick body, loving the way Andrea’s plushy body contorted around her thighs. She leaned over Andrea and stroked her cheek though she kept turning her head away. “Don’t be afraid.” A tongue licked up Andrea’s cheek and she cringed.

The Vovin started pulling at Andrea’s clothing and before she even got a chance to fight back the sharp claws of her hands easily sliced through the flimsy fabric exposing Andrea’s lacy bra. Intrigued the creature stopped shredding her clothes to touch and grope her bosom, though her interest seemed on the fabric. “How… sexy.” She purred to Andrea and licked the upper most part of her exposed chest. “What other frilly clothes are you hiding under this unappealing drab?” The Vovin wasted no more time in tearing through Andrea’s sweat pants, exposing the lacy panties to match the bra.

The Vovin stared down at the terrified Andrea, “You human wear the most interesting clothing, though I wonder why one would want to hide such beauty. Though these lacy bits I definitely understand.” Her eyes darkened with lust. With her eyes seal Andrea wasn’t prepared when a pair of her own panties that must have been lying beside the bed were thrust into her mouth and then quickly covered by a strip of fabric to keep her gagged. Andrea struggled to pull it away but as quickly as she raised her hands the Vovin grabbed her wrists and with ease flipped her over and bound her wrists behind her back.

The tears came then as terror and panic consumed her thoughts. The creature tangled her claws in Andrea’s messy black curls and pulled her from the bed, unable to fight back she followed the Vovin as it lead her from her apartment down four flights of stairs and into the street where she was met by the sight of hundreds of other females all lined up gagged and following these strange red females. Andrea was pushed in line and followed the females in front of her. Some of the other women were wearing clothes, some in underwear like herself, but most of them were stark naked. Andrea saw no males in sight, only females. In front of the line one of the Vovin smack a girl’s bottom, the creature cackled and the girl though crying kept walking as a red hand print formed on her bottom.

They were lead to a factory, a human construct but the inside most certainly was not made by humans. It was so bright, and everything seemed to shine, a metal she was not familiar with was used to create this. The sound of moaning was the first thing that caught her attention, it didn’t sound painful, no, it sounded quite the opposite. Andrea tried to seal off her mind from imagining the horrors that would be done to them.

Just inside the entrance they were lined up, shoulder to shoulder, the thinner women were picked off and escorted out, anyone it seemed about 200 pounds or less was led away, this did not include Andrea. She didn’t know where they were taken though she almost fell over trying to peer around the corner they’d been taken too. The fatter women that were left over were lead into another direction, Andrea’s hands were sweating as she imagined all the ways they would kill her. Tears in her eyes, she could hear several other women sniffling and crying as well.

Cages, they were to be put in cages like wild animal. There were hundreds of cages, all stacked on top of each other. Andrea and two other women were lead onto a platform with one of the Vovin. The Vovin stood at a pedestal and after pressing a few buttons the platform lifted off the ground. One of the other women screamed though it was muffled by her gag, Andrea dropped to the platform ground absolutely terrified of heights. The Vovin ignored them until they reached the first cell door, pulling the one that had screamed to her she unbound her and ungagged her and shoved her into the cell before locking it. Andrea received the same treatment at the next door.

Immediately Andrea moved to the far wall, since her designated cell was almost four stories off the ground. Crying and terrified she sat back rubbing her wrists. Andrea didn’t wait long before another Vovin opened her cage and stepped off her floating platform into her cage.

“Hello, what’s your name?” The Vovin asked as plain as day as if this was perfectly normal, which maybe for them it was. Andrea remained quiet and growing impatient the Vovin spoke again, “If you don’t tell me I will make one up and that is what you will be referred to as.”

With her voice shaking she managed to whisper: “An… drea….”

With a ‘humph’ the Vovin typed something into a little device that was wrapped around her wrist and it spit out a thin collar, on it was written “Drea.” Whether the Vovin hadn’t heard her, didn’t understand her or disregarded her, Andrea would never know as in the next second the Vovin took two intimidating stops towards her, quickly straddling her and trapping her down while she forced the collar around her throat. Andrea didn’t know how it was hooked on; there hadn’t been a buckle or a clasp of any sort. The Vovin stood up and left her cell. Andrea tugged and pulled at the collar but it didn’t give and she never found the sealing point, it was smooth all the way around.

Andrea curled up on the cold metal ground and cried, desperately wishing she would wake up from the nightmare. The moaning never stopped, it would have short breaks where she was sure they were changing from one victim to the next, but it never stopped. After several hours of listening to it Andrea fell asleep.
This one, sadly, doesn't really have anything kinky going on, originally I had it connected to part 3, but I dunno, just felt right to split them up.
renderedspeechless Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
"This one, sadly, doesn't really have anything kinky going on..." Really? Uh, I would disagree. If you don't think anything written in this part has anything kinky to offer, then I REALLY can't wait to read what you have in store. Between the parade of gagged and bound females to the women being herded and seperated by weight... safe to say I was pretty excited. Every story has to have time to set-up, and you are balancing this task with wonderful details that are keeping my attention for sure. A nice amount of detail to help us get a picture but you aren't rubber stamping images into our heads; Your words paint a clear picture but also allow your reader to fill in blanks and create for themself. This is a great addition to your story! I am loving this series.
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