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“Time to wake up, Drea. It’s your turn.” Andrea fluttered her eyes open, wondering why her back ached so, not remembering where she was, but as her eyes began to focus she saw the orange skin of another Vovin and jumped up, throwing herself against the wall. “Now, now, fighting me isn’t going to help, it’ll only delay the inevitable and possibly get you hurt.”

It took a matter of second for the Vovin to jump on Andrea, pinning her down. The Vovin thrust a rubber ball into her mouth and then a piece of tape to keep her gagged. Her wrists were captured and bound behind her back and like that she was in the same predicament again. The woman-creature clasped a leash onto her collar, though Andrea knew not how, her previous inspection of the device had shown it was smooth with no hooks or clasps of any sort.

She was lead out of her cell and onto the hovering platform where they were brought to the ground. Being led by her leash she followed the Vovin to keep her from pulling on it and choking her. They wondered around the factory and before long they came into a secluded room with an ‘X’ shaped table. Her wrists were freed only for two Vovin to pull her onto the table so her legs hung between two parts of the ‘X.’ She was laid back and her collar clicked onto something behind her, quickly realizing she couldn’t raise herself back up. Andrea whimpered into her gag, her mind racing through all the horrible things they would do to her. The room was so bright and white it made her think of an operating room which only terrified her more. A strap was pulled over her stomach and helped to hold her down, her arms and legs were lifted and stretched onto each portion of the ‘X’ and then also strapped down under what felt like leather strips, but she wasn’t sure. A set of claws slipped under her lacy panties and easily tore them off of her as well as her bra so she was now naked. The tears streamed down her face as embarrassment and humiliation started to sink in all over again.

The two Vovin standing on either side each gathered a glob of some cream they had picked off of the counter and began caressing her body like a lover would, squeezing her helpless breast and watching with excitement how her stomach jiggled form the slightest touch. Andrea was humiliated; clueless to the fact that Andrea’s body turned them on with its thickness and soft plushiness. The Vovin left no part of her untouched, all of her stomach, her breasts, her underarms, her neck and collar, down to her hips, her thighs, down to each toe all received a thick layer of this lotion. Her vagina had been left untouched up until this point where one of them kneeled between her legs and began rubbing the lotion into her mount, coating her pubic hair and then down onto her labia. Andrea trembled but had nowhere to go and thus far they hadn’t hurt her, merely massaged and rubbed her from head to toe and no matter how humiliating it was it had soothed her and relaxed her greatly.

Still she couldn’t not cry as the Vovin violated her body spreading her labia and running the soft pad of her finger over her clit and entrance. The hand did not linger long and began heading further back until she was rubbing the lotion over her anus, Andrea’s bottom hanging off the end of the table.

“There we go.” The one between her legs said as she rose to her feet. “She has a lovely smell and she’s much more even than most of the humans, usually one lips is quite a bit bigger than the other. She will carry beautiful young.” Andrea was confused by the words and tried not to linger on them, worried by what they meant.

“Now, to make sure I can perform the next portion of the examination without error you can’t move an inch, Drea.” The Vovin spoke, but Andrea got the feeling she wasn’t really commanding her to stay still, more just stating a point. In the next moment her theory was proved true as the two Vovin began wrapping plastic, or what appeared to be plastic wrap around each limb, trapping her to the table. Around and around they wrapped, the entire process took quite a while, her vagina and breasts were free as well as her nose, but she had been blind folded and her forehead and eyes were also covered by the plastic. Shaking with terror was even difficult, her body barely moving on the sturdy construct. Her hands had been curled into fists and wrapped in plastic so she couldn’t even move her fingers; a padding was trapped in her fist to keep her nails from cutting into her palm.

Her nipples were hard and her vagina was feeling cold and oddly bare to the air. A claw gently grazed over her mound and immediately she knew why, there was no hair. She wasn’t much for shaving as it always left itchy bumps but she knew they hadn’t shaved her, had the cream done it? That’s all she could figure as she was certain she was hairless now with the way her lady bits felt so much colder and bare.

One of them said something but she could barely hear anything with her ears covered it just sounded like a mumble. Unable to see or hear all she could do was feel, she mumbled nonsense into her gag as fear and nervousness ate away at her and then it began. First were clamps, they weren’t hard or sharp, just dull edges that gently pinched each labia to help hold them open she was sure for her clit immediately felt the cool air. Something cold then touched her entrance, Andrea clenched her vaginal muscles and her buttocks, futilely trying to struggle and squirm away but the mummification made her almost immobile with only the slightest twitches in movement. Gently the cold hard device was wiggled into her body, invading her core, once deeply imbedded inside of her body they were spread, opening up her vagina for the examination. The two were gentle in their exploration but that was half the problem, it was turning Andrea on. Andrea wasn’t sure what they were touching her with, but something soft was gently circling her clit, somehow they picked up on the sensitive side of her clit and fluttered the device back and forth over that spot. Andrea was panting and whining as best she could, unable to move, hear, or see forced her to focus entirely on the sensation that was quickly driving her insane. Still they tormented that sensitive spot, all the jumbled up nerve endings going on over drive as the spot was over sensitized from the light and yet consistent teasing.

Another device, this one harder and smooth was easily slipped into her vagina since it was still being held open. It explored her from the inside, pushing against her walls and sliding in and out slowly. She didn’t notice the in and out motion much since the tongs were holding her wide open, more she noticed how the device seemed to have done something to her internally, immediately her insides were hot in that sweet delicious way that only pleasure can do. Andrea moaned, unable to resist, it must have been some sort of lubricant on the device that heightened her pleasure.

The Vovin were relentless, her body was on fire, and her heart was pounding as her orgasm grew closer and closer. They found her g-spot with the device and instantly seemed to sense the effect that spot had on her, maybe it was her moan, or the way she struggled, but they knew and instantly started rubbing the tender spot. Over and over they rubbed, around, back and forth. In moments she orgasmed, screamed into the gag though it came out muffled.

They did not stop.

The pleasurable torture continued, exploring the effects of rubbing her clit and her g-spot, doing one at a time, mixing back and forth strokes, to circular ones. Before long they started touching her breasts, there was too many hands for her to keep track of, she had thought there was only two but there might be more now as each breast was rubbed and each nipple pinched, twisted, flicked. Something cold was rubbed onto her nipple, they were already hard, but now they felt like rocks. Andrea was practically limp, her body tired and worn out from the constant pleasure, over and over they forced her to orgasm; never did Andrea dream there would come a day where she wouldn’t want to orgasm anymore.

She was never freed from her casing throughout the torture; it might have last only minutes, but her many orgasms suggested much, much longer. Finally they stopped and the room seemed to buzz in her ears as her body tried to regain focus of its self, to remember other functions and feelings besides pleasure. Suddenly she was cut free, her body was coated in sweat and before her was four Vovin smiling at her, smiles that spoke of their lust and perversion. Before she muttered a sound they gathered around her and rebound her wrists behind her back, attaching a leash to her collar and leading her away.
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