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Nayru screamed at the top of her lungs just before a ball was thrust into her mouth and a thick piece of tape quickly sealed her voice. A tear glistened in her yellow eyes but she refused to let it fall, not willing to cry over this punishment anymore. Her wrists were bound stretched over her head so tightly she was forced to stand on her tip toes, her claws digging into the ground to try to hold her steady. Her eyes were betraying her panic, the bright yellow orbs darting around the dim room, looking for a face that showed an ounce of pity, alas none of them did, vicious grins, and snorted giggles were all she received.

Her sisters pinched her nipples, lifting the heavy breasts by only that sensitive nub, Nayru cried into her gag, trying to raise herself to the height they pulled her breasts but having no luck. All her sisters were much taller than her; she was the runt of the group. She might have been shorter, but their vicious abuse was certainly due to jealousy, Nayru had a bountifully blessed chest, and a certainly larger and rounder rump, while her sisters were curvy, she was definitely curvier.

The sisters tormented her so cruelly and yet they pampered in her the same breath. When one was wrapping the silk ropes around each breast the other would be gently brushing her fiery orange hair. One would be rubbing lotions into her soft red skin; another would be binding her knees spread.

Her tail had another rope tied around the end of it, bound up by her wrists to hold the extra limb high up so the space between her thighs was fully exposed. Nayru bit the ball in her mouth, making indents with her sharp canines, but the rubber seemed invincible and never broke. Another rope was pulled tight around her breast, each breast bound so tightly the nipples at the end were glowing and seemed to be turning purple, the pain was fading into numbness quickly, but it didn’t make the situation any less humiliating. One sister flicked her nipple and she screamed though the sound was muffled to a barely audible moan. A tear manage to breach her resistance and gathered at the corner of her eye, Nayru fought the urge still, blinking her eyes rapidly to will it away.

Two of her sisters sat on the ground by either leg, rubbing her inner thighs, Nayru chewed the ball to prevent any moaning or sounds of pleasure, she’d be damned if she’d willingly let them humiliate her further. The bar between her knees was strong and kept her legs spread while her sisters continued to stroke her thighs. Teeth gently nibbled at her hips, though she knew not whose, another hand squeezed her bottom and then quickly smacked it. The action made her yelp, encouraged by the sound another smack followed. Suddenly excited the girls forced her to push her hips back, exposing her tender bottom. A solid paddle was brought before her eyes to taunt her, it’s not like they wanted her to beg, they were just being bitches. The paddle disappeared from her vision, Nayru squinted her eyes preparing for the pain. She was not left waiting in the next moment the paddle was swung down on her rear with such force it jarred her forward several inches. The girls mockingly scolded her for moving, pulling her back into place one of the girls helped hold her in positions while they resumed the spanking. Two more spanks and then three, to four and five, Nayru wasn’t crying but her bottom was obviously much redder than natural. She had bit the ball in her mouth so hard it had squished down to a pancake, still it didn’t break, like a stress ball as soon as the pressure was relieved it began growing to full size again. The girls giggled and then began rubbing her bottom, the skin hot to the touch; someone licked her rear, a hot tongue running across the abused flesh. Nayru squealed unable to stop the sound. Her sisters grinned and the tongue continued to move across her bottom, a soft nibble here, then a kiss and more licks. Nayru was unable to resist the moan that followed.

Someone began stroking her between the legs, her core was wet now and she couldn’t hide it or fight it. They whispered amongst themselves, Nayru’s head was too fogy to register the words being spoke. One of them kneeled before her and leaned into her groin, kissing and licking her scaled crotch, her fingers teasing her entrance where the skin was softer the scales having already folded back to expose her femininity. Her vagina was not what they were after though and she knew that, though she fought with her body for all her worth, begging her mind not to give in for she knew it meant more abuse. It was just a matter of teasing, of licking and kissing before more scales receded and the head of her penis pushed forward from her body. Terror shook her, though she still held back her tears even when the tongue of her sister still kneeling before her legs licked the head of her penis, willing the traitorous appended from her until she was fully erect.

She stood, stepping back the sisters eyes little Nayru, her breasts bound tightly and her penis now fully exposed, legs bound apart, she was ready for more punishment.

A thinner silk rope was brought before her and the girls wasted no time in kneeling around her and began wrapping around her penis, starting just under the head and winding it around and around her. She tried so hard not to cry but as they pulled it tighter and tighter, panic and humiliation finally won out and the tears leaked from her eyes. They tied the rope off, the head of her penis seemed to be squished out of the rope encasing.

With a paint brush one of the sisters went to stroking the head of her penis. Nayru squealed and tried her best to thrash about and escape the torment but another sister quickly grabbed her hips, pulling her back against her bountiful chest and rubbing her own penis against Nayru’s still exposed vagina. Nayru continued to struggle and squeal though she was held almost immobile by the sister behind, while the one before her continued to tickle the tip of her penis.

Two other sisters joined the tickling, teasing her sides and her underarms with their own paint brushes. They drew intricate patterns on her exposed and helpless flesh with their brushes, enjoying the desperate cries muffled by her gag, and loving how she struggled and thrashed about, though with all of them around her, moving one way would only push her into another tickling brush. All of her sisters were hard, some of them rubbing themselves while they teased her, others rubbing themselves against her body.

The one behind her finally growing impatient lifted little Nayru off the ground and easily pushed herself into Nayru’s wet core. Nayru moaned but the sound was quickly cut short as more tickling ensued, distracting her mind. The tickling was impossibly cruel, just light enough so she was fully aware of being fucked, so she could enjoy it, but just hard enough that she couldn’t get off, too distracted by the sensation consuming her body.

Her body was jostled and jiggled while her sister fucked her, shaking her belly and her bound breasts, her bottom smacking against her sister’s hips with each violent thrust. When her sister came inside of her several others were quick to follow coming onto her body, leaving their own mark of humiliation. As if it wasn’t bad enough that it had been physically impossible for her to orgasm while they receive their own, they then took their brushes, continuing to tickle her while they used the wet cum to paint across her body. One of her sisters took a thick glob of it and dropped it on her nose. They painted her nipples and wiggled the brush into her belly button, making her desperate as she thrashed about, the sister behind her having let her go and letting her struggle to and fro though it made no difference, her sisters continued to paint her body, tickling her all over. They spent a good while just tickling her anus with the jizz covered brushes, knowing it was easily one of her most ticklish spots.

Finally bored with their conquest they ditched the brushes at her feet and left her bound, naked and covered in their cum, her penis still trapped in the bondage unable to seek safety back inside of her body. Nayru’s face was tear stained and cum stained and she was still painfully aroused. It could be hours before a more merciful sister found her and freed her, or perhaps her less friendly sisters would get excited and come back for round two.
Part one is all about one of the main characters: Nayru and will let you understand her actions further in the story. Mostly it's just kinky though.
renderedspeechless Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
I love your comment: "Mostly it's just kinky though". Understatement of the year!! So many beautiful, stunning visuals... such a vivid, luscious scene you create. The amount of restraint (no pun intended) used in your descriptions is perfect: clearly creating characters and setting a stage for a great story. When you do elaborate on details, it feels like it is to build tension and drama and keep your readers enthralled in your words. The paintbrushes were a splendid device to introduce, and I loved all the action you described. Amazing work, and I breathlessly await the next installment. Incredible.
GlassDaemon Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't believe you, that pun was definitely intended! :P Thank you, there will be more to come shortly, or longly(O.o;)... guess we'll see.
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