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Light-Up Needle-Felted Dalek

By GlassCamel
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Yes, I'm a Doctor Who fan! While patiently waiting for BBCA to finish up the latest season over here, I felted this bit-o-nonsense. :no:

BUT OH: Blinky's real trick isn't being made of bamboo and soy fibre (no wool!) - It is that he lights up! Really! He's got a little blue LED for an eye and programmed white blinking ones for ears... lamps... head thingies...
Credit for electronics creation goes to my husband, who is awesome and tolerant and patient and oh so very marvelous :la:

And more pictures (including blinking) can be found on my LJ, as usual.

Doctor Who © BBC.

Also: I think I should mention that this is not the first Doctor-related felting out there. *kez245 felted The Doctor years ago - he is a brilliant creation and has long been an inspiration for me.
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i made three needlefelted daleks, but this one is top notch in detail, of course i wasnt as good as i am now with detail
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This is awesome - it's cuddly and electric!
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That's AWESOME!!! :D
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:XD: He's a fun little guy!!
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This is brilliant!
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id kill for this....;A;
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...don't you mean 'ex.ter.min.ate for this'? :XD::XD:
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*sporfle* Yay!! :iconlawooplz:
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My Gods, that is amazing!!! Fantastic job!!!
And you do this by hand??? Oh my Gods...
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:blushes: Well, I had a lot of help with the electronics for Blinky here ^^; Thanks kindly though!! :)
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OK, I like this!

Do you just put the LED in the framework, or can they be removed? Are they powered by the coin batteries like those little LED "tossers"?

Arg, I need to get felting...
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The batteries (two 1.5V), their holders, the processor and board, and the switch are all stored in the base. The three LEDs are threaded through the middle of the head and middle turn-y part so he can still point his whisk at people. There is a small removable section in his base where I can easily access his batteries. It is possible (with great care) to remove all the electronics, though I really hope that I've made him well enough that I won't ever have to! ^^;

With the exception of the chip and the wires (which I already had), I acquired all these parts at my local Radio Shack! :D

I had a lot of help creating the electronics, but I'm happy to answer any questions about them! :)
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Ooh, I love it so much. Do you sell these?
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Thank you! :D
I do take commissions occasionally, none at the moment, however. ^^;
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the detail that you put into thsi is impressive. each little light and bump is perfectly in place
is he hallow or solid on the inside?
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:D Thanks! This little guy is hollow so he can carry around his battery, wires and teeny processor for the lights!! :la:
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Love this! It's how I found your collection, someone else posted it on Facebook. This is brilliant! Didn't know bamboo and soy could be needlefelted, good to know. I've only tried wool and alpaca, found the alpaca too slick to get enough detail.
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I got both the bamboo and soy from sellers on etsy! They're really nice alternate fibres! Fun fact: Thomas Edison used carbonized bamboo as the filament in the original incandescent light bulb!! :lightbulb::la:

Facebook? Really? Do you have a link?
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