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Rules(Updated 31-05-2012)

Membership is still open to anyone at this point.

You must be a member to submit a piece.

All members can submit a maximum of 3 pieces of work a week

Please submit to the appropriate gallery.

Only work featuring glass as its sole/main or primary media will be accepted.

Photos of work must be up to a minimum standard of documentation. Ie: Complete work must be seen in photo, appropriate lighting and background, in focus, showing some element of composition, etc.

Any questions at all Note me!
I am NO LONGER leaving comments in rejected piece due to the sheer amount of mis classified work, poorly documented work and people still trying to submit to the featured gallery. I though for sure I disabled the features folder from receiving submissions!

FIRST THINGS FIRST- Documentation!

Should show the work- the whole work not just details- Unless you do super awesome macro photography of the small tiny tiny universes YOU made inside of a lampworked piece or similar!
Should have no weird shadows, highlights, reflections
Should not have - your fingers, your face, your friend, your cat etc(unless they are wearing them because thats where the piece goes)
Should be well light
(This list will be expanded on eventually!)

SECONDLY! Submissions of work!
We have a bunch of galleries and I will expand on each one of these processes!

Hot Glass - This is glass gathered from a furnace and worked with tools using your whole body, standing/sitting using a gloryhole or a reheat. IE- Vases, paper weights, spun plates, wavy bowls etc!

Flame worked - work done on smaller scale using a torch, normally stationary. IE: Pipes, beads, pendants etc.

Casted glass - Any work involving the casting of glass in a shape. This can be sand cast, hot cast, blow cast, kiln cast, etc!

Stained glass - Putting together of glass to create a vitrine. A thin surface with colored or clear glass. IE - windows in church

Fused glass - where 2 or more piece of glass are fused with heat in a kiln to create a whole piece. Different than casting - but only slightly. IE... Ummmm check the gallery?

Mixed - any and all works made by combining any techniques and any amounts of medias/mediums. IE- Painted, hand blown glasses with a copper crafted base.

Painted glass - Ideally I would like the glass itself to be hand made by the person, but this is for people who paint on glass. IE - acrylic, oils, glass pigment, crayola, w/e

Cold worked/engraved/etched - for any works primarily consisting of cutting or making marks in glass. IE - again check the gallery. Great stuff in there!
Fixed the issue with submitting other peoples work to our folders. Everything should work fine now. Thanks!
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Gallery Folders

Rose Clock Engrave(comission) by Cerebralis
Stormtrooper Helmet (lamp)- front by devilxkat
Granny Chantal's Flower by Bakarasu
Hot Glass
Growth *Vase* by The1King
Mocha Swirls *Vase* by The1King
Mane 6 *Vases* by The1King
Luna *Vase* by The1King
Flame Worked
Under Orion - Lampwork Bottle Pendant by andromeda
New Moon - Lampwork Bottle Pendant by andromeda
Mermaid Tail by andromeda
Rainbow Tie-Dye 4cm lampwork glass cabochon by janehamill
Casted Glass
My first glass project! by Vanna1994
Prehistoric discovery? by Iilai
The Ring 2 by Petra-B
The Ring by Petra-B
Stained Glass
Poppy by Morinoska
Iris by Morinoska
Roses by Morinoska
Butterfly Rainbow Bubbles Stained Glass Suncatcher by JBsGlassHouse
Fused Glass
Bubbles Glass Plate by Fields-Of-Clover
Tapestry Plate by Fields-Of-Clover
Miniature by wildhands
Swallowtail Butterfly Wing Pendant Fused Glass by FusedElegance
Butterfly Glass Eye Cabochons by Glamour365
transparent children  4 by AnirBrokenear
Dissection of a vessel by jordanglassarts
Painted Glass
Red and Green - Crazy Paving Style by wyrd-art
Flowery Autumn by wyrd-art
Blues Drinking Glasses by wyrd-art
Red and Purple Drinking Glasses by wyrd-art
Cold Worked Engraved Etched Glass
Music Plates by ChimeraDragonfang
Great-Seal-State-CA-California-Minerva-ships-miner by ImaginedGlass
Brandon Lee - The Crow by jayengrave
Johnny Depp - Captain Jack Sparrow by jayengrave
Studios Working
Picking up some frit by fireglass22
Glass Blowing by ewinga93




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