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The Glass Heart Academy is a university in Vel-Arn the capital city of Vel the largest country within the Fae Realm, it is a cosmopolis where the various races of the Fae Realm live in harmony and relative comfort with magical and technological advancements constantly being created and discovered.

Much of the Fae Realm is unknown to the few who have ventured across it's borders, but it is a vast place with many many people.

Humans make up only about 5% of the Fae Realm population but they are adaptable and are found all over.

the Elven peoples make up 50% of the Fae Realm they are split into four distinct tribes, the tattoo covered Rune Elves, the charming green skinned Rose Elves, the shadowy moth winged Dusk Elves and elegant butterfly winged Dawn Elves.

Then there are the Majin, a race of half-elf elementals.

The Were-folk races are of three tribes, The fox like Kitsuna, the racoon like forest dwelling Tanuki and the large bearish Kumara.

The Reptilian Races are numerous in the southern regions, the smooth scaled Liska resemble humans with tails, but are destinguished by there flat slit like nostrils and skin patterns, where as the larger Draska take their features from the rare Dragons that roam the mountainous borderlands.

The cat like Nekorin are most comfortable in the warm middle lands but are as adaptable as human, they have split into three distinct sub-races, the proud maned Liokar of the southern Plains, the wandering spotted Pantrokar and the striped forest dwelling Torakar.

In the past the Rodenti lived amongst the Fae in the great forests but their homes were ravaged during the great Elven War, they spilt into two tribes in hope of finding a new home, those that settled in new forests became known as the tiny squirrel like beings know as the Trellians whilst there earthbound bretherin evolved short tails and tough claws, hey were called the Burrians.

On arriving in there new forest homes the Trellians made strong bonds with the feathered, winged, halflings known as Quirron. To this day they're powerful allies.

In the aftermath of the Elven war with their home burnt and devistated the Fae became mortals of short stature, similar to humans of age 8-10 but with long feathered eyebrows and a jewel a top their heads, those that decided to stay and rejuvenate the forest became known as the Faekin, their jewels glowing in the night, some however were afraid to stay in one place incase of more attacks, they chose a nomadic life away from the forests, their jewels became a dull black and never glow, they are the Shadekin.

In the end it was down to two kingdoms to stop the Elven war, an alliance was formed between the Kingdom of the giant horned Onii and the Satyr like Minosu that put an end to the whole mess.

That is but a brief history of the Fae Realm and there are many stories happening all the time, what's your story?

perhaps you were around during the Elven war, or maybe you go to the Glass Heart Academy, maybe your a visitor from another realm or maybe you live in an unknown part of the Fae Realm.

Join in with your artwork and/or writing and help the Fae Realm grow.
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fair elven stitches by AnnaPaar fair elven stitches :iconannapaar:AnnaPaar 9 16 Professor Hagan ref by Hanabi-Drift
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Recent Journal Entries

Hey people just so you know I have a massive amount of artwork and other things to upload which I'll sort out as soon as I move into my bf's place. Plus more when my new PC arrives.

stay tuned xxxx

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Glass Hearts Academy Syllabus

The Classes available at the Glass Hearts Academy are as follows;

Combat Magic
Recovery Magic
Elemental Crafting
Smithing and Engineering
Modern Alchemy
Magical Textile Production
Ancient Fae Language
Ancient Elvari Language
Nekori Language
Dragon Tongue
Arcane History
Ruinology and Dungeoneering
Ancient Technology
Fae Studies
Music and Performance
Ancient Dances
Ceremonial Studies
Classical Artwork
Archery and Marksmanship
Elemental Weapon Studies
Bladed Weapon Studies
Blunt Weapon Studies
Hand to Hand Combat
Ancient War Studies
Political Studies
Media and Journalism
Magical Biology
Familiar Care Studies
Dragon Studies
Elemental Biology

Students at the Glass Heart Academy study 4 of the above subjects and usually take up at least one elective or club activity of which there are too many to list (i.e. if they wanna do something make a up a club or extra curricular activity for them hehe)


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