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Oh gosh how I love joining things like this!
fabulous, lot's more works been done on this but I've been moving so there's plenty to upload x
:D Cool can't wait to see!
So, if I decided to join this club and do this thing, I can pick my persona just to be human, neh?
yep, Well Humon, same thing really but with ever so slightly pointed ears x
Ah I see. Okay, then I guess I'll fill out the form to be humon then. XD
And, I'm still a little bewildered about this whole Fae World thing, though. I mean, it has to be pertaining to this world I know, but I'm a little lost about this whole thing still ^^; Sorry for inconveniencing you.
lol, don't apologise hun, I'm waaaaaaay behind on this cause I'm moving house soon, basically think of this as an experiment in Role-Play, I created a system which is designed to grow with member input, so if you have any ideas about how you see the Fae World let me know cause it can be tweaked. x