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I feel like the fat guy in Monty Python's "Meaning of Life"... one mint and I'll explode. That's Christmas at its best, I guess... and tomorrow's going to be like that, too. I can't see Christmas cookies anymore! They may be brilliant but there's a reason why we only eat them once a year...

Well, the past week's been busy. My reading went pretty well - 30 listeners, a decent number all things considered. I've been out and partying with friends the next day (which allows me to not feel guilty about not liking to party for another 3 months) and family visits have been quite nice, too... so far, at least. Grandparents tomorrow - I expect us to be entirely shitfaced by the time it gets dark. Huzzah!

Still haven't done any processing :stupidme:
Watching tv and dvds instead, done some reading and jewellery-making. And kitty-cuddling ^^ Neighbour-kitty decided our house is much better so she pretty much lives here by now. She sometimes gets bitch-slapped by Loki but they get along more or less. It's fun to wake up with three cats strategically placed on your bed :giggle:

Anyway, how was your Christmas? Tell me some crazy family-stories - there are bound to be some!

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Thanks a lot! :hug:
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haha,das kenn ich nur zu gut mit den plätzchen :giggle:
frohe weihnachten noch mal bei der gelegenheit wünsch ich dir! :santa: :snow:
tausend dank,dass mein bild bei diesem schönen feature dabei sein darf!:heart: ich freu mich!!
Glasperlenspielerin's avatar
bitte gern, frohe nachträgliche weihnachten zurück... jetzt könnt man wohl schon richtung "prosit neujahr" übergehen :D
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hehe danke :aww: ja, das stimmt wohl :la: *g*
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Some beautiful pieces here, thanks for sharing them! :)
Sounds like you had a good Christmas lol ... what did you think of the Dr Who Christmas special? I really loved it..
Crazy family stories ... well ... my little cousin ran around shooting people with his new water pistol, then we got him a few times in the face and he laughed like crazy - that was rather funny lol.
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I thought the special was brilliant - The Moff just really knows how to write time travel aspects, I loved how he used the ghosts of christmas past/present/future :)

water pistols, eh? well, there's bound to be some fun when you give kids water pistols as presents :D
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I actually love Matt Smith more than David Tennant and I didn't think that would happen. But Steve Mophett has really made an amazing turnaround with the series, making it more old fashioned and good story orientated instead of Russell T Davies' big explosions and confusing storylines. This coming series looks to be great :)
Yeah water pistols, i remember loving them when i was a kid, was very fun to re-live it again with my cousins, such a laugh.
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absolutely, I opened a bottle of champagne when Moffat took over - RTD had some great ideas and dialogues but it got redundant and just... bad
hm, I can't really say I like one Doctor any more than the other, they were all great in their own ways - I feel it's easier to judge the showrunners :giggle:
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I just hope Matt Smith stays for a while, a similar length to David Tennant would be great for the series :)
The music in the season just gone past was exceptional too.
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yes, I hope the team lasts long - the Christmas Special was beautiful and I'm looking forward to the new series and more River Song :) I like how he included her more and more and I'm really excited to find out what's her story ^^
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Yeah, I think everyone is very eager to find out more about her and what she means to the doctor ... and the secrets she is hiding. A very cool character, and I love Alex Kingston too.. Can't wait :)
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aaaah, now I'm all excited and longing to see the new season right now and in an instant! XD
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