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Material Design meets Windows Phone

I've always loved the Modern UI (Metro) that Microsoft introduced in WP7, especially the Start screen.  I have tried and tested a Windows Phone's as bad as you think it's going to be, yet there are moments and glimpses of brilliance.  The flexibility and info "at a glance" on the Start Screen is just one.

Google's Material Design and cards didn't seem too far removed from the WP Modern UI, so I experimented with the concept.  Applied Material Design standards and colors to the start screen tiles.  A few other "improvements" include the notification badges in a highlighting color on a tile rather than the big plain number that off sets the icon.  Additionally the tile would "flip" over, revealing a list or summary of missed calls, messages, mails, etc.
Also added a highlight colored notifications on the icons for OneDrive, showing when a sync is on progress, done, or any issues.  This style of "live" icon would apply to other apps that sync data and the concept has the potential for more.
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