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Battlestar Galactica Map of the Colonies

Inspired by the original map by Quantum Mechanix. I wanted something that was simpler and more streamlined.

Updated 9.15.16 - Added the boxes around the 4 solar systems in the big map to help connect with the 4 individual maps below
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Frakkin' AMAZING. And followed! (Because BSG art is great and so is yours...)

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Surprisingly enough, it looks very similar to the map used by Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock (which takes place in the 1st Cylon War).

This map is incredible, you did a amazing job.
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You did an amazing job on this map. I like how you individualized each planet with their own little details. The main colony worlds look Earthlike and habitable, but each as a slightly different character.

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Thank you very much.  It's nice to hear when someone recognizes the work you put into a project.

The original map that was my inspiration and source of information is incredibly more detailed than mine, with a ton of information.  So much so, that it's so visually "busy" and hard to understand.  My goal was for a simple, focused map and based on feedback, looks like it works.
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