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Hello all. This is going to be long, so buckle up and get comfy.

My name is Derin Karabulut, but I go by Glamraneth, Glamra or Glam online. I’m an artist, or an artist candidate if you will, based in Turkey. I have been drawing all my life but decided to get serious and make my life long passion into my profession at the age of 13. This is also around the time I first started to paint digitally.

In the summer of 2012, my parents got me an IPad 2 as a gift for graduating from elementary school and starting middle school. While I had the tools, I didn't start drawing digitally until the end of 2013. Procreate was the first drawing program my parents bought for me, it was much cruder and cheaper than it is now but it was still one of the best for IOS. After drawing on it for a year, I decided to make a DeviantArt account to share my art online. This was towards the end of December 2014. I've been posting my art online, going on hiatus here and there, ever since. After three years of using the IPad, my dad bought me a proper drawing tablet, a Wacom Intuos Draw, in the summer of 2016. I've been using the same tablet for 3 years now.

At the beginning there was only darkness, meaning my art was a poor imitation of the anime/manga style and I used to trace sometimes. Never posted my traced “work” online though. Then the art Gods said let there be light, and I started experimenting with a semi-realistic painterly style. Not saying that the anime style is bad, I don’t think that at all! It just didn't work for me. Even after switching to a more painterly style you could see that my art was influenced by the Japanese media, and you still can. Because anime, western cartoons and comics were, and still is, one of my biggest inspirations. My style went from full on anime to a mostly anime influenced semi realistic style, to a style that was leaning more at the realistic end of the semi-realism spectrum. I fully embrace the fact that my art style changes a lot, and I like that aspect about my art. I want to keep things fluent and not be shackled in on specific style all the time.

The reason I started the lean away from the anime style was because that I was getting ready for a fine arts high school. I wanted to be more familiar with realism and understand the fundamentals, and at the time I didn't have the ability to handle multiple art styles at once. But decided to keep improving on this new style as I found the process much more enjoyable.

In the beginning of 2018, I started taking commissions. I know how controversial commissions are in the art world (especially in the fine art world) and I won’t share my opinion of them just yet, but you can get a general idea of what I think of them and artists who do them as I do commissions myself. Currently, I’m still open for commissions. You can contact me via PM or email if you’re interested in one (

At the time of writing this, I’m 17 and will be 18 in a couple of months. I’m still at the very beginning of my art journey and I still have a lot to learn. If you want to support me on this life long journey by giving me a follow or buying a commission I’d really appreciate it. Posting online has helped me improve much faster, your support and my love for art has kept me going through a lot of rough patches life has thrown at me, and I’ll be forever grateful.

Stay safe,


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Commission Information (Closed))

Commission Information (Closed))

 Last update: 01.09.2019 STATUS: CLOSED Under maintenance until further notice. I recommend that you check out more of my work if you want to commission me. If you do want to check out more of my work, here is my gallery. - What I Can Draw - - Original characters - Real people (Realistic or stylized) - Fan art (TV/internet personalities, artists, characters from TV shows, games etc.) - Artistic nudity - Animals (Real or fictional) - NSFW (Does not include pornography or anything sexual in nature. Gore is accepted, but gore-based fetish art is not.) -Anthro/Furry characters - What I Won't Draw - - Pornography - Fetish art - A
I'm sorry for not posting anything for 2 weeks. I was busy with exams and I got a computer virus. Luckly it's not anything too bad and I'll fix it. I will post more art soon :D.

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