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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.83
Ryu sighed and held Raiden’s gaze with intense compassion.
“You can’t beat yourself up and demoralize yourself over this, Rai. You can’t lose yourself as a person. What happened was tragic, yes, but you’re not some wicked, ignorant beast.”
“Trust us on this.”
Raiden nodded as he placed a hand on the shoulder of both of his friends.
Liu was still barricaded in the grips of the story just told.
“Ry, wow...I mean, shit, man...all this time, and I never knew, never would have even guessed that a thing like that would ever happen to you...”
“I don’t even know what to say.”
“Its okay, Liu.” “Its not something I talk about. Or like thinking about. I never told anyone that story. Not even Ty knows. When I left Singapore, I left my past there as well.”
Three heads swiveled towards Raiden’s room as they heard the ronin move around.
“Well, look what the cat finally dragged in,”
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.82
Ryu sighed.
“Guilt ebbs over time, but only if you forgive yourself. Since we’re sharing, this is the yoke I bear:
“When I was a younger man, about eighteen or so, I was engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world. Her name was Nguyet, meaning goddess of the moon, and what a goddess she was. She came from a wealthy family in Singapore, and I did not.
Of all the rich suitors she could have had, she chose me. I felt blessed. Her father, however, did not share the sentiment. He had me work for her dowry since I obviously couldn’t pay.
For five years, I grew his mushrooms and orchids, slopped his pigs and ranched cattle, I netted fish and prawn, gutting them as well. I made the chicken coops spotless as the roosters scratched my legs. I plowed the fields too, right alongside his oxen. I stomped grapes into the fine wine he sold and guzzled down every night.
Every physical labor he could think of, I did.
But it was well worth it. A smile from Nguyet made me feel
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.81
The next morning, Raiden awoke to something wet tickling his toes. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he saw Ty’s wolf licking his feet. Grinning to himself, he snapped a button off his uniform and threw it across the room, distracting the canine.
Feeling movement in his bed, Raiden’s head snapped to the left. Scooting back in surprise, he saw Ty sleeping peacefully.
“Was she worried about me?” He thought. “Before deployment to Agrabah, she rarely spent the night whenever she visited us, and if she did, always insisted on sleeping on the floor or in a chair.”
Come to think of it, he didn’t remember coming home, let alone going to bed.
Looking his clothes over, he was still in the same torn and bloodied uniform from yesterday.
“Ryu carried me home?” “At least, no one tried to change me,” he chuckled.
Returning serious, the last thing he remembered was that prick, the taskmaster, and snapping his head
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.80
The general stroked his mustache as he listened intently to Ryu’s report.
“Very good. Your next task is to help build the wall. Have Raiden create more water for the workers. The day has been an exceptionally hot one, drying out the mortar and cracking, before it can even touch the bricks.”
“His energy is spent,” Liu advocated, “He can’t.”
Still unconscious over Ryu’s shoulder, the general walked up to Raiden’s limp body. Inspecting him like a dog, he rotated his head from side to side and manually lifted his eyelids.
“Looks fine to me,” the general coldly assessed.
“If he was fine, he’d be standing on his own two feet,” Ryu dissented. “Raiden needs rest; you can’t push a man past his limits.”
“Do you defy your superior?” “Well, freak?” “You know the punishment for disobedience. A week in the hole with the shaman.
He does not enjoy exerting magic for
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.79
Homes were lined evenly in rows of threes, stretching as far out as the eye could see, dotting like seashells to the ocean’s shore.
“How many people live here?” Ryu asked, surveying the settlement.
“Census reports a little over eight hundred,” Liu answered.
“Our satchel can’t hold that many heads,” Ryu replied, “And besides, going door to door to personally execute is definitely bound to raise alarm and fleeing. Not to mention the time restraints we’re under. To get back by dusk, personal invitations is going to take too long.”
“And some villagers may not even be home,” Liu said. “What then?” “Do we ignore the time limit and spend days tracking down the locals, just to say we killed every last one?”
“The best we can do is
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.78
Two men and a lady sat on a concrete bench watching the embassy.
“The trading post is closed,” Liu reported, returning to his cohorts’ granite pew. “So, playing trojan with the Consul is out.”
“We could still hit the embassy first,” Ty said. “As long as we’re quick and discreet; we don’t want to attract the townspeople, creating a fiasco.”
“Maybe we should,” Liu countered, scratching his chin. “Like moths to a flame, get everyone in one spot and kill them all at once. It’d be easy, and we’re on the lunch ferry back to the magistrate.”
“A bottle-neck would be convenient,” Ryu added, “But risky.” “If things go south, what’s to stop the people from alerting nearby territories?” “It’d be more than we’re bargaining for.”
“So, we’re agreed, embassy first,” Tigerlily clarified, taking their silence as a yes. &
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.77
Once on the lower quarters of the ferry, the team began to sharpen the accuracy of their plan.
“Tell the conductor not to let anymore passengers on,” Ty ordered, dropping a hefty coin purse in Ryu’s hand.
“After the last guest has departed, have him chart a route for the Yangzhi River. It’ll be the quickest way to the French settlements by way of their trading post.”
“What will we trade?”
Just as she showed Shen, she brushed up her sleeve and touched the gold ringlets. The three men stepped back in shock as they watched gold slither down her arm and stand upright as a staff.
“Even better,” Ryu said, “Say it’s a gift for the consul, Charles de Montigny.”
“Yes, and once its inside the embassy, it will be my eyes. Giving me a sixth sense, I’ll know the whereabouts of every man.”
“All well and good,” Liu said impatiently, “But let’s take a look at the toys you promised.
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.76
As the room settled with sighs and wiping tears away, Tigerlily took a few hard and noisy gulps of her drink.
“Damn,” Ryu teased, “Is that how you swallow your tengu lover?”
“Lucky bastard,” Liu added as he took a sip from his own glass.
Tigerlily couldn’t rebuke the crimson creeping upon her cheeks. An intimate night with Genie was all she dreamed about during her sea voyage.
Before she could offer a rebuttal to the crude line, a tiny burp escaped her, not helping her case as the mute and the tin man exchanged smirks.
“Is it true what Seyun said at the banquet?” Liu interjected, genuinely curious. “Are you intimate with a tengu?” “Are they different or the same as the ones here?”
“Well, first of all, in desert lands, they are known as genies. I haven’t heard of any living in the mountain like tengu here, but, they tend to occupy decorative pieces, bottles, lamps, and the like.
Also, these genies
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.75
The militant residential community encircled the base camp twenty kilometers away. Ryu and Liu sat in their shack playing cards when Raiden walked in.
Liu threw down his winning hand and stood. “Give it to us straight,” he said. “Did you talk to Ty?” “Did he...?”
Raiden shook his head yes. Ryu’s metallic fist struck the copper table, causing another dent.
“What is she going to do?” Liu asked firmly. “Does she want our help?”
Raiden balled his fist into a tight zero.
“Nothing!” “What do you mean nothing?”
It was Liu’s turn to slam the table with his fiery fists, adding to the collection of warped drippings from his side of the table.
“Has she gone completely daft?” “The Tigerlily I know, would never let such an act stand without retribution!”
Raiden clapped his hands, making it rain over his smoky partner.
“Calm yourself,” Ryu said. “This will be the
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.74
Being the noon of day, it was the free hour that militant officials had to themselves, ungoverned by duty or rank.
Following her memory, Tigerlily returned to the lake where she had skipped stones moments before. The sensitively heightened drums in her ears heard water lapping against wood. Tracing its irritant vibrations, the soldier discovered a small paddle boat.
Fishing out her coin purse, she left it on the post and with her dagger, carved a short note.
Exchanging money for the boat, she gave the vessel a shove and a head-start, jumping in after it.
Tigerlily inhaled deeply while she trekked across the lake’s glistening face. Part of the joy of seeing Shen was the journey it took getting there. Serenity was all around and she could melt in its palm, soaking in nature and being alone with her thoughts.
The fresh air, the pure mountain water, was overwhelming. It hit hard how sorely she had missed country life.
Pulling up the oars, she decided to pause for a moment. Hugging he
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.73
The magistrate soundlessly walked into his chambers. The ronin’s back was to him as she sparkled with Attila’s coveted ring blade upon her back.
“A fine choice,” Magistrate Xol commented, announcing his presence. “And you know what else is a fine choice?”
“Tell me.” Tigerlily voiced in a coy manner.
“You.” “Something has awakened in you, and I find it beautiful, captivating. I must have you as my bride!”
The soldier was shocked. She had steeled her mind to prepare for the imminent rape, but marriage?
Is this why he sent for her return?
“But the law!” She managed to gasp.
“And whose royal signet forms the seal?” “Mine!” “I make the law and I can change it whenever I want! If I want to marry beneath me, who dares tell me no? No one! What I say is law!”
“Then I suppose we should celebrate.” With graceful flair of her fingertips, she conjured a tainted wineski
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.72
As Magistrate Xol strolled through his kingdom, a strange shadow caught his attention.
“You there!” “Reveal yourself!” The regal demanded, drawing his own sword.
“In time,” the shadow spoke gravely. “But for now, I wish to help you.”
The magistrate raised a brow. “Oh, and, what kind of help is it you think I need?”
“The kind that jingles, or if you prefer, the kind that stacks high upon a shelf, glittering its golden face.”
The king laughed. “I’d be an imbecile to take money from a beggar, and even more so, to believe he had any.” “Do you take me for a fool?”
“Of course not, my lord.” “I take you for a man who cannot hold his crown.”
Laughter ceasing, the magistrate once again pointed his saber at the unscrupulous shadow.
“You do know the penalty for mocking a king is death.”
A shroud of darkness pushed the weapon aside.
“Mockery is not my inte
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Mature content
Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.71 :iconglamourgoth89:GlamourGoth89 0 2
Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.70
After seven mind-numbing months at sea, land finally appeared in the retina of man.
As the anchor was dropped, screeching whistles and flares of red streaked across the sky.
“What’s all this?” Ty questioned. “It is not yet New Year’s Eve.”
“Looks like we’ve arrived just in time.” “It’s the Winter Solstice festival,” Seyun explained.
“The Magistrate began this tradition a few years ago,” Tao chimed in. “The military base is open to the public. Families can spend the whole day together. There’s games, face-painting, and prizes. The children have really come to love this day.”
“Of course, they do. Every child adores their father.” Ty said. Turning to the naval captain, she apologized.
“I’m sorry, Herr Ehrlich, you’ve come all this way, however, there is no trade on holiday.”
“Unless, that too has changed,” she said quickly in Mandarin, switc
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Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.69
Mamuluk channeled his soul back to his original body as Mozenrath remained kneeling on the floor, mind churning, and, horror gripping what was still left of his dissected heart.
Ignoring both prodigies for a moment, the elderly sorcerer retrieved an ancient box from another room. Like hair, strands of moss and thorns clung to the container as Mamuluk opened it.
Retrieving a medallion burdened by a heavy chain, he hung it around the golem’s neck.
“In the deep recesses of her mind, the soldier will recognize this symbol,” Mamuluk finally spoke. “It will persuade her that much more to our side.”
“Are you quite finished decorating your paper doll?” Mozenrath dared him. “Even if this thing can do as you say, it still needs to leave now to catch up with the ronin.
I do not want to give more time for her to be softened by love. This is where I disagree with you, old man. If we were talking about some common peasant, then I’d join your thin
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Letters to Dorothy
It's been a year.
My heart bleeds as freshly as the day you left.
Most days, I do an excellent job of hiding the pain. When I don't, the flood gates are open, and I don't have enough mortar to seal out the hurt.
You are always on my mind.
In death, you taught me about life.  I wish I lived more when you were here. I dance now, and I wish you could see me. I wish I hugged you more tightly. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to take you for granted.
I never missed a chance to tell you I love you, but I miss telling you all the same. I miss hearing it said back, your birthday calls, your bingo stories, your laughter.
You shared whatever you had, it wasn't much, but it was everything. Your love, your life, your kindness and laughter.
It's the holidays now. My heart wants to remember as you were, but my mind won't forget, won't let go of your coffin.
I love you and love you still. I impatiently wait until I can hold you again.
Love always,
Foxy L.
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Once, Chapter 9 - Home
TMNT Fanfiction, Rated T, 2003 verse
Chapter 9 - Home
“That’s not fair.” Mikey whined. “Why does Leo get to hold her?” Leo couldn’t help but grin as Raph handed over the bundle with the sleeping babe.
“Because you’re drivin’, bonehead. And I know Leo ain’t gonna drop ‘er.” Raph turned and headed into the back of the truck where Vivi had just woken up. She already looked a bit better, the dark circles under her eyes were less blatant. He settled on the cot beside her. His eyes were warm as he cupped her cheek. “How ya feelin’?”
“Better.” She replied in her soft meek voice.
Raph wondered how a person with that gentle of a spirit could be so strong. He pulled her into his lap, letting out a shuddering breath. “Good.” When she slipped her arms around his neck and buried her face against him, his entire body tu
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Once, Chapter 6 - Arrival
TMNT Fanfiction, Rated T, 2003-verse
Chapter 6 - Arrival
“Are they keeping up with us?” Leo asked from the driver’s seat.
Mikey tilted the mirror beside him up. Sure enough, five Hawks flew in a lazy formation above them. “Yep, unless that flock of Hawks is stalking us.”
Raph let out a grunt of mild annoyance. “You sure we can trust these guys, Leo?”
“If they’re telling the truth, they will be a valuable asset to us. If they’re lying, it still works to our advantage because they’ll still help us locate Vivi. We’ll just have to make sure we get to her first.”
Raph gave another grunt at Leo’s non-answer. Mikey turned to look at him. “You’re just mad that Vivi’s sister doesn’t like you.” He received a pop in the back of the head for that. He whined, rubbing it.
“We are headed in the direction of one of
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Once, Chapter 4 - Proof

TMNT Fanfiction, Rated T, 2003 verse
Chapter 4 - Proof
Raph sat staring at the television screen blankly. Every time he had to retell the story – even though he left out the racier details – he became swamped in the memories. He could almost feel the silkiness of her hair between his fingers and taste her on his lips. But the thing he had to miss the most was her voice – soft and meek. It didn’t match the fire behind her violet eyes. In that single day he’d seen her be uncertain, fearless, desperate, passionate, scared, and kind. He let out a soft sigh.
Mikey sat beside him on the couch and Raph tensed, preparing for what he thought was going to be a barrage of wisecracks. Mikey slowly turned to look at him. “So, uh, just one question. Is what Donnie just told me true?”
“Yeah, it is.” Raph said shortly.
For a long moment Mikey just sta
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TLIID 415: Spidey trick-or-treating at JJJ's house by AxelMedellin TLIID 415: Spidey trick-or-treating at JJJ's house :iconaxelmedellin:AxelMedellin 263 32
Once, Chapter 1 - Captured

TMNT Fanfiction, Rated T, 2003 verse
Summary: One special moment caught between life and death, Raphael makes a decision that will change him forever. One single moment is all it takes. 2003-verse.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the turtles.
A/N: A couple quick points.
This is based primarily in the 2003 verse, but with some minor differences.
1. Assume the guys are in their twenties.
2. I used Shredder as my villain, so ignore the fact that he actually died in the series.
3. I didn't base the Turchan on any preexisting concepts. (At least, none that I know of.) They are completely mine and I have developed them in my own way.
I'm still working on another story at the moment, but since this one has been moving along all on its own (10 chapters already!) and WON'T leave me alone, I decided to post it now. Have fun! ;) XD
Chapter 1 - Captured
      “Get your hands off me
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TMNT by MasonEasley TMNT :iconmasoneasley:MasonEasley 202 13 Clash by AlessandraDC Clash :iconalessandradc:AlessandraDC 52 15 forbidden lovers by Aznara forbidden lovers :iconaznara:Aznara 34 5 50 shades of green - Turtle cuties by Liilaa 50 shades of green - Turtle cuties :iconliilaa:Liilaa 75 30 Raven: Black Polished Stone by ExMile Raven: Black Polished Stone :iconexmile:ExMile 240 15 Inktober 14 Ship Static Shock y Raven by GabyCoutino Inktober 14 Ship Static Shock y Raven :icongabycoutino:GabyCoutino 31 0 Realistic Chub 2  by luvmesomebelly Realistic Chub 2 :iconluvmesomebelly:luvmesomebelly 91 4 Realistic chub by luvmesomebelly Realistic chub :iconluvmesomebelly:luvmesomebelly 110 12 Selina's On The Prowl by BigChrisGallery Selina's On The Prowl :iconbigchrisgallery:BigChrisGallery 187 10


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Hey, gang! 

I just posted eight new pages of Roses Cry Blood! Yes, EIGHT new pages, you read that right!

Now, to wait for another spurt of imagination!

Here's the link of the first new page to start you off!
Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.76
  • Listening to: Danny Gokey
Hey, gang! 

I just posted eight new pages of Roses Cry Blood! Yes, EIGHT new pages, you read that right!

Now, to wait for another spurt of imagination!

Here's the link of the first new page to start you off!
Roses Cry Blood ~ Stardust Saga ~ 1.76


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