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Published: March 20, 2013
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Well said and still true!
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Dan-DeMilleProfessional General Artist
Hooah! And we still practice, just for fun!
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Americans.... Fuckin "race". Stupid assholes.
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I kinda agree, I hate americans too for plenty of reasons.
But this statement is kinda true.
Every citizen is permitted to have a gun, and as such many probably have one in their home.

Though on the other hand, how many citizens would actually dare to face trained military forces? Sure, you might have a gun, but you don't have the training, equipment and coordination of proper soldiers.
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And here I thought you just had an eye for beautiful women and come to find out you also have a very high intelligence quotiant.
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The banter and posts placed here...... Have you discussed any of this with your models? One thing I fear is that the schools of the world are trying to change and brain wash the younger generations to "not see the truth" in a big picture. There will never be a safe world without weapons. We must be able to protect ourselves. There are and will be those who will attempt to dictate by force.....truth is truth. History proves this.

Good luck in your endeavors.
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"There will never be a safe world without weapons"....
Correction, there will never be a world without weapons.

If someone wants to be violent, they will find a weapon, a law of nature nobody can repeal.
Heck, nature gives it's own creatures all kinds of weapons.
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i take a lot of models shooting :)
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That is even a better idea!! - Hands on!!
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i am hands on with all my work :)
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SmilinSheckyRimshotHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd prefer that most women carry guns. Rape would go down. Even if a magic spell could make all guns disappear and forbode the production of more; the male size advantage is a very real thing. They call guns the great equalizer for a reason.
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tomorgelProfessional Digital Artist
"I would never invade the United States. And why should I? You can buy everything and everyone over there from here." -- Wu Tsi Yang
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coming from a man who country is sold it self the the Muslims!! Europe is filled to the bring with dead beats and whores. Germany hay day has long you guys are just like the french now!!
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tomorgelProfessional Digital Artist
You mean openminded, tolerant, multicultural, with a working social system and economy, an unemployment rate below 5.5%, high education standards, low crime rate, low rate of religious extremists, humanitarian and overall peaceful? Yes, I confess we're guilty of all that. ;)

But the quote was by a Chinese, in case the name hasn't given it away.

Have a good day.
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well you already know my feeling on multicultural.. Stupid. and did you guys not invent Nazi? lol. You guys only have peace becasue we protect you. and if we don't your freak try to take over the world!! hail hitler!!
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tomorgelProfessional Digital Artist
Ah well. childish name-calling. I could counter that by vile comments on slavery and racial segregation or mentioning about 70 million Northern American Natives slaughtered or stowed away in concentrat ... pardon me ... reservations, but obviously that would be the same level of childishness, so let's not dwell of the sins of our forefathers, shall we?

As an US-American you should be particularly open to the idea of multiculturalism because unlike nearly every other country exactly that is your main tradition: the multicultural gathering of literally hundreds of different cultures. There is no such thing as an all-american culture, even if you would ignore the dozens and dozens of extra-american cultures, that immigrated the continent, there would still be hundreds of very different Nations and cultures among the true Natives alone.

As a wise man once (or probably more than once) said: Learn from history to not repeat the mistakes of the past.
That does not only count for the Germans.
So, to keep in the spirit: Heal yourself. ;)
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70 million? maybe 700,000 thousand! Also both of the event you refer where Several century ago, you still have Nazi living in your country. USA was never about multiculturalism that is retard. We forced one language and Culture until the 70. I do agreed in immigration so long is its legal and then then confirm to our culture. However, the only reason you have Peace is because we protect your country. If we withdrew and stop watching you you guys would be back to trying to over throwing the world again. Just 5 years ago we caught you guys helping Iran build nuclear weapon. Yeah you guys are just awesome!!
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tomorgelProfessional Digital Artist
To clarify: I do not judge any country by things done in the past by people who are not longer alive or long past their due date (except maybe those who are still active in politics, as sad as it is (After all, those people in the US, South America, Asia, Australia or Africa have been not only your ancestors but have been our ancestors as well)
I think, we are responsible only for our own deeds, not the mistakes made by our grandfathers. None of us could chose to whom we are born. We're just responsible to not repeat their mistakes.

A race of arms can never lead to a peaceful solution and mutual understanding. Only education can.
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no peace come from the US having the a huge stick.
germany was plenty educated when compare to the world at large
every time they tried to take over the world.

again that why we have bases there. you are peaceful because we say
be peaceful.
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tomorgelProfessional Digital Artist
As far as I know, most real Nazis emigrated after the war to flee the "Entnazifizierung" (de-nazification). Many of them went to Chile and Argentinia, but a lot of them also got false papers and went to the US. And many members of the scientific elite of the Nazi science projects actively were recruited (and subsequently pardoned by your Government) by the US.
It is not your country but ours you could be fined or even (depending on the severity of the case) for displaying Nazi symbols like the svastika or the Double-S-Runes, the Uniforms, the Flags or even for uttering the "Heil Hitler"-Phrase in public. Yes, there's still a couple of brainless nationalistic skinheads over there. But that holds true for many countries, including Russia and the US. The difference is - here those guys are not allowed to have weapons and go to jail for it.

As for the american natives eradicated: at the arrival of the first spaniards, french and british colonists the estimated population of the americas was about 90 million, in North America roughly 40 million. The active casualties of war since the declaration of independence in the US alone is roughly 1 million, with another 20 million deaths by disease (very often actively spread, e.g. by pox-contaminated horse blankets issued by the military in the various reservations) or malnutrition and cold (in said reservations - essential the worst pieces of therir own former country - so bad, nothing of worth grew in there, so no settler ever wanted it. And wich they were forbidden to leave well up into the mid-1900s.
It is not "several centuries ago" - the Wounded Knee was a mere 40 years before the rise of the Nazis, the Pine Ridge shootout (the FBI shoting protesting citizens of the AIM) happened in 1973. And the Reservations - well they exist up to today.

As for the protection of our country - we are thankful for the protection provided in the cold war (even if we are acutely aware of the fact that both sides of Germany have been planned to be "burned ground" by both sides of the big cold war -fractions from the very first day).
We are thankful of the destruction of the Nazi-Regime by the Allied forces - but there is no protection of our country by you today, because there's simply no aggressor to be protected of.

As for overthrowing the world - most countries leave that to the US nowadays and keep to the clean-up, after the US troops have marched through yet another country and the Burger Chains and Coke start to settle in. ;)
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i admit you are a better write them me. however nearly every fact you uses
seem to be wrong.

A you guys are filled up with Skin head.
Secondly we have bases there to protect other country from you
and your country. your country is the aggressor. the US has
determine Germany can't have an army only a police forces.

lastly if European have not realized that if american stop protecting them
they would go away. European are a bunch of weakling and socialistic. we
keep you around becasue we like your cars. keep in mind that peace you enjoy that u think
come from education comes from us. with out us you guys would be broke, and dead!!

lastly i am not interested in your opinions. don't write back. if u do i will not take
the time to reply and i will only ban u from writing back. instead count your blessing
provided to you by the USA.
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rangerjimProfessional Photographer
Dad started to teach me how to shoot when I was 10. there were no toy guns allowed in the house so there would be no confusion that all guns will kill. An M-203 was the tool I used at work. I buy a gun when I see one I like. I taught my children to shoot and they are fantastic shots.
This is my right and I fought to keep that and every other one safe. This is a right our founding fathers knew we already had and the way that amendment is written it can not be removed. Colorado just passed an un constitutional law that infringes on that right.
God created man, Mr. Colt made them all equal.
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