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The original and first GLaDOS group. <3

I don't expect much, there are only a few things:


:bulletorange: Respect other members of the group

:bulletblue:Things submitted here must be Portal related and NOT anti-GLaDOS

:bulletorange:We do allow Nudity but we prefer tasteful nudity, and as long as it has a mature rating on it

:bulletblue:Do NOT, under any circumstances spam the group

:bulletorange:Overall, be nice

:bulletblue:And remember, this is a fanclub FOR GLaDOS, and fans of her, so no hating her!

:bulletorange:We won't be accepting roles of a Contributor until you've submitted a decent amount of work to the group. We are always accepting Members though so you can submit art as a Member first.

:bulletblue:We won't accept every art we get if it isn't of good quality, related to Portal, has been submitted multiple times or alternate shots of the same thing, sorry.

:bulletorange: Please add your deviations to the correct folder, if unsure which folder ask us :)

:bulletblue: Do not send a Join request or Deviation request more than once, we may reject it if you submit it too many times. You have been warned.


Okay...Now that that's out of the way, have fun. <3

And, of course, feel free to join.

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Hello gang,

I attended Kitacon 2014 from 27-31st March, and I didn't realise that the lovely Ellen McLain (aka GLaDOS) was attending with her husband John Patrick Lowrie!
I attended their first panel which was the Valve panel with them both, I couldn't film the whole thing sadly but I think I filmed some of the 2 best bits.…


Also, I got to meet them both, I told them they were awesome, shook their hands and got my Kitacon program signed by them both;…

They were both at the Closing Ball on Sunday night, John played the guitar while Ellen sang Royal 'Kitania' then finished off singing Still Alive!!! I did film it but most of the time you can just hear my bad singing so I am going to look out for a video that someone else recorded on Youtube to save you from my out of tune squealing XD It was epic!

And on a final note, GLaDOS thought my Pucca cosplay wig was adorable! XD hehe!

Chow darlings,
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GLaDOS' friends.


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