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Lisa Marie Simpson
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1977 Jaguar XJ 4.2 by GladiatorRomanus 1977 Jaguar XJ 4.2 :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 3 3 1968 OM Lupetto 25 by GladiatorRomanus 1968 OM Lupetto 25 :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 4 5 1987 Peugeot 309 GL by GladiatorRomanus 1987 Peugeot 309 GL :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 4 0 1991 Fiat Panda 750 by GladiatorRomanus 1991 Fiat Panda 750 :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 3 3 Last photographic stop by GladiatorRomanus Last photographic stop :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 3 0 Last photographic stop by GladiatorRomanus Last photographic stop :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 3 0 Last photographic stop by GladiatorRomanus Last photographic stop :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 3 0 Orange generations by GladiatorRomanus Orange generations :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 2 0 Third photographic stop by GladiatorRomanus Third photographic stop :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 3 0 Third photographic stop by GladiatorRomanus Third photographic stop :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 2 0 Third photographic stop by GladiatorRomanus Third photographic stop :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 3 0 Orange and green by GladiatorRomanus Orange and green :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 3 0 The little 'pea' by GladiatorRomanus The little 'pea' :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 4 0 FS d245 + some wagon by GladiatorRomanus FS d245 + some wagon :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 3 0 FS E626 by GladiatorRomanus FS E626 :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 4 0 1956 FS E636-243 by GladiatorRomanus 1956 FS E636-243 :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 4 0
My favorite animated shows The Simpsons by Cavin The Simpsons Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman Simpsons Stamp by hosmer23 Classic Simpsons by VVraith
Futurama Stamp by DemoniumAngel Futurama Forever - Slurm by futurama-forever FryxLeela Stamp by gleefulcynic
and now also My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Stamp by KittyJewelpet78


The most funny Simpson's character

*drunk :iconhomerplz::iconsaysplz:Whaaaatssss?

Evil Homer Stamp by TrippFoxx Homer Rave Stamp by TrippFoxx Homer stamp by Strange-little-cat TS.:Homer Simpson Stamp:. by tuwachiturraforever:iconraginghomer::iconhomerrunplz::iconhomerunhide-plz::iconhomerhide-plz: Homer Buu Drunk by Luigin-buu Cheers by 88MilesPrower Homer Tuba by Ernimator

The most cute little yellow girl :heart:

:iconlisasimpson-plz::iconsaysplz:Hi! ^^

I love Lisa Stamp by Oribeqiraj Lisa Simpson Stamp by Mintaka-TK Lisa woohoo stamp by iSketchy Lisa splendid stamp by iSketchy TS.:Lisa Simpson Stamp:. by tuwachiturraforever Anti - Bart X Lisa stamp by datdude86:iconlisasimpson-plz::iconhappylisaplz::iconlisamsimpsonplz: chibi Lisa avi by Corupted-Data Confused Lisa by MissFuturama White by lil-worm another scribble by lil-worm Niji by lil-worm lisa detail by lil-worm moment by lil-worm Beh by lil-worm Rabbit Rabbit Full by Puhoy Summer (full size version) by lil-worm estrechez de amor egoismo by Puhoy Tongue DA Version by Puhoy The Angel wallpaper pack by matrixdll _wallpapers_ Happy B-day, bro+ by matrixdll Lisa Marie Simpson23 by el-KARPik Cherry Lisa by Paddixx Lisa Simpson (old pic #51) by warfare56 The simpsons:Lisa as the Mad hatter part 4 by komi114 Mad Hatter,Lisa by komi114 Lisa Simpson by HOT--DOG Lisa Gets a Tan. Fanart. by simpspin Black Green And White by lil-worm Lisa Japonesita by lil-worm XL by lil-worm Okay Mr Sunshine by lil-worm Return To Innocence by lil-worm

...and her little sister Maggie

Maggie Simpson Stamp by Mintaka-TK TS.:Maggie Simpson Stamp:. by tuwachiturraforever:iconmaggiesimpsonplz: Maggie Simpson by MissFuturama Maggie S. by MissFuturama Sisterly Shenanigans 2: The Revengening by xXSpammermanXx Serious Maggie by xXSpammermanXx


The most rogue and alcoholic, but funny and sympathetic robot of the Earth.....of tomorrow...

:iconbenderplz::iconsaysplz: Hey!! rogue and alcoholic it will be you, meatbag!!!

Bender Stamp by PaltZu Bender-Bite my shiny metal ass by SekerAsar Futurama Stamp by magikalmaiNtenance Drunken Robot Stamp II by What-the-Gaff Bender stamp. by crazykitkatlove Bender Stamp by DemoniumAngel:iconbenderplz: fry n bender by rosiecoleman bender - futurama by moonlightwatcher Bender by RubenAniorte Please Insert Girder by lunderful Well, we're boned. by HedgehogBeeblebrox Bender Rodriguez by NapalmDraws


My favourite pony: Princess Luna (Lulu for friends)

:iconlunasmilesplz::iconsaysplz:Huzzah! ^^

Princess Luna Stamp by jewlecho MLP Princess Luna Stamp by Kevfin MLP Princess Luna Stamp 2 by Kevfin MLP Princess Luna Stamp 3 by Kevfin Luna Stamp by KanashiiBara Luna Stamp by schwarzekatze4 Luna -New Version- Stamp by jewlecho Princess Luna Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Woona Stamp by tombstone Princess Luna by WarGoddessEnyo Princess Luna Huzzah! - Stamp by CaptainSpinFiction Luna Stamp by Mel-Rosey Luna Stamp ^^ by MLP-Mayhem I love Princess Luna by KittyJewelpet78 grumpy Luna by Dametora Princess Luna Stamp by harvestcheddar Luna icon for a group by Original-Lunar 012 - Princess Luna - Fun Has Been Doubled (PNG) by Ov3rHell3XoduZ Princess Luna stamp by ShiningStella Luna Stamp by Knightmare-Moon Luna Stamp by AllicornUK Stamp - Princess Luna by ArandomVelociraptor Stamp:  Princess Luna by rocioam7 Princess Luna Stamp by SugarShiina Woona stamp by Zero-Janitor Princess Luna stamp by Ice-In-Heart Princess Luna Stamp by Mel-Rosey Princess Luna Stamp by HurricaneThePegasus8 (Request) Princess Luna (Season 1) Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Princess Luna stamp by KatieRose45 Luna Stamp by CuboneGirl I Support Princess Luna by Teamscout11 Princess Luna-NM Fan Stamp by KessieLou I Love Princes Luna Stamp by Liara11 Anti-Pipluna Stamp by Rosethethief OUTDATED STAMP by Sketch-Shepherd Anti PipLuna Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti - Celeluna by FairyKitties22 Anti TwiLuna Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti LunaShy Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti LunaXTrixie Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti LunaDash Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 (Request) Anti ScootaLuna Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Lunatosh Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti LunaCord Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti LunaArmor Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti LunaXQueen Chrysalis Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti King SombraXLuna Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 (Request) Anti Princess LunaXOCs Stamp by KittyJewelpet78:iconprincesslunaplz::iconprincesslunahappyplz::iconshockedlunaplz::iconwinkinglunaplz::iconlunadoubledfunplz::iconlunasmilesplz::iconprincesslunashyplz::iconlunamlpplz::iconlunaapplenomplz::iconlunaeatingplz::iconprincesslunaummplz::iconlunawaveplz::iconlunadatflankplz::iconlunaisayplz::iconhappywoonaplz::iconwoonaplz::iconprincesslunadanceplz: Sleeping Luna by MalwinaHalfMoon Luna by MalwinaHalfMoon Lunas Hideout Vector by LeDaverix Princess Luna - Fun Flyer by abydos91 Nightmare Night's Treasure by MysteriousKaos Dancing Through the Sky by Yanoda Your Princess is bored by spier17 MLP: Luna: Mistress of the night by Rulette

Mature Content

Luna and I Thanks You for Over 5000 Pageviews by Ms-Seven0
LUNA THE SLEEPING BEAUTY by Theroyalprincesses Princess Luna by BluDraconoid Summer Night swim by BluDraconoid Come Get Your Gift by Rulsis Crepuscolo Ammaliante by FallenInTheDark The Luna on the Moon by FallenInTheDark

Mature Content

Royal Present by FallenInTheDark
Luna Anthro by DeathAlchemist94 Moonlit Stroll by Pony-Brush-Stroke Resolute Luna notext by Pony-Brush-Stroke Flirtatious by FairDahlia Lunabuns by skipsypony

Mature Content

Best Princess by skipsypony

Mature Content

Hooves and Holly teaser! by skipsypony

Mature Content

Moonlit by skipsypony
Quickie: Luna by fShydale Princess Luna by SorcerusHorserus Evening Luna by Mewyk91 Nurse Luna by Ziemniax Luna with a milkshake by Ziemniax Xmas Luna by Groovebird Princess Luna - Hearts and Hooves by TsaritsaLuna 2013 - Princess Luna - Hearts and Hooves Day by TsaritsaLuna 2014 - Luna - Hearts and Hooves Day by TsaritsaLuna Happy Easter 2014 by Sonork91 Lunadoodle33 by SilFoe Princess Luna's secret bow obsession by DarkFlame75 Princess Luna by SakuraCheetah Lulu by Katputze Eww by Katputze Princess luna ! by shadowhulk Princess Luna at the Beach by Sonork91

Mature Content

Luna by GingerSnap913
Princess Luna- Rainy Night by LuleMT Lunar Lullaby by Frozen-Fortune Luna by xWhiteDreamsx Luna Sleeping by xWhiteDreamsx Princess Luna by Koveliana LUNAYEAR by st11sky Eclipse's dazzle by FidzFox Princess Luna is best Celestia by pridark