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Simplify IconPackage

Nice icons from outofashion [link]
Made some live folders.
These are great with the Simplify theme from dpcdpc11 [link]
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The download link is dead, please fix as I would really like to use these icons, I have the regular ones but I don't want to have to go through and manually change them all because that's a real pain. Many thanks!
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Link is working.
Deviant Art is the host, if something is wrong on their end, I can't fix it.
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How can I install this? May I have change the archive with the .ip in .exe file? Because I don't know this kind of file.
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This is a IconPackager theme. You have to use a program from Stardock software called IconPackager.
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Thanks but I don't like this kind of program. I did installed once and I don't like it. I prefer install icons with another installer. Thanks anyway.
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really awesomeee!! thanks for share this theme for iconpackager!!
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wow i love this, but it doesn't have a video icon. sorry if i seem ungrateful or anything, its just its all so good, and then bam, no video icon.
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I don't know if you're talking about folders or file types, but they're in there. I you're using IP 5 and something isn't showing up, rt click on the icon and browse for it...
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Wow, I just started using the Simplify theme not even 2 days ago and I was wishing that he had made an IP with his icons.

My wish is granted it seems :)
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very nice icons..
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