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Coping Strategies (Cult of the Butterfly 21)
Coping Strategies (Cult of the Butterfly 21)
Life is stressful. Anybody who believed otherwise, who thought they could somehow banish it from their existence was kidding themselves. Or living in a bubble. Neither of which were solutions Seb had ever been keen on himself. You get over it. You get on with it. And you find what ways you can to mitigate the effects.
Granted when he’d come up with these life values he hadn’t quite had the current situation in mind, but then if you’d told his pubescent self he’d wind up living in Shensang, plotting the downfall of one of the city’s most infamous criminal figures he’d likely have laughed in your face.
Over the years he’d experimented with all sorts of regimes. Exercise was always a good go to, but sometimes you needed something that would process the emotional fall out. The older you got, it seemed, the more complex this became. The reasons behind your own actions were not always clear, let a
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I want to kiss boys in the graveyard
I want to kiss boys in the graveyard
In the dappled sunlight,
Feel their soft lips on my shoulder
Dream about what we might.
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Woad Interlude II (Cult of the Butterfly 16)
Woad Interlude II (Cult of the Butterfly 16)
[So, are we all in position?]
Seb lofted the palm of his right hand, revealing the glowing map nestled there. [All present and accounted for.]
Murder took a moment to look over their forces, tweaking the placement of this or that set of troops. Seb waited patiently while she did, the sweeping lines of his Woad avatar’s chest limned in the soft blue glow of the display.
[Everyone happy?] This was directed to the rest of the alliance, scattered through the wooded hills that surrounded the valley below. A deluge of affirmatives fell into alliance chat, ranging from Clave’s monosyllable to Ruph and Jonas’ cat calls.
[Ok, ok – save it for the battlefield people.] Murder nodded to Seb, who snapped the map shut as she switched to PM. [What do you think?]
Seb shrugged. [It’s a trap, undeniably. Question is, are we up to climbing back out again once we’ve jumped in.]
[I think we’re equal to the task.]
He nodd
:icongladefaun:GladeFaun 1 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Greetings traveller. Welcome to my gallery.

I'm a literary and visual artist (hence the 'varied' above), with a slight lean towards the written word. Been a member on here for some years, but only actively so for the last few. I'm not a regular poster - my work/commute schedule does not lend itself to reliability - but I do try and get on here at least once a fortnight to swing through the forums etc. DeviantART is a community after all :)

For anyone reading this whose interested primarily in my writing (and has an e-reader), you might be well advised to head on over to my Smashwords page here… where you can find my work available to download in almost any format you can imagine.

Titles include:

My newest endeavor the 'Cult of the Butterfly', which a friend lovingly coined my 'drag queen witches thing' :D. Chapter one is featured opposite.

'The Star Plague Journals', my four book cyber-fantasy, now complete. You can find a sample chapter from book one 'The Orphans Revolt' here

'Harlem's Deck', whose first chapter 'Fairground Attraction' ( won me a DD from the kind people of the lit community :)

'Filthy Gore' (what it says on the tin - sex and violence, with a paranormal twist). 'Black Orchid' is the most recent addition to this set. It can be found here and here

Anyway, thanks for washing in on the serf. Enjoy your look around x


Gay Jesus

We watched Sex Education on Netflix at the start of the year and loved it. One of my favourite moments is in Eric's bedroom, when Lily notices his picture of Black Jesus, and comments "He's so much hotter than regular Jesus" (I may be paraphrasing there, apologies if so). 

Anyway, it made me think "I want to draw my own (so, obvs, gay) Jesus."

Here he is. 

Worth noting I'm also riffing a little on American Gods' idea that there's a Jesus for every colour, race, culture or creed that believes in him.

Quite pleased with my efforts at any rate.

Following my success with Lucifer, I decided to have a bash at something involving the four beings (dieties? Godlings? Religious types... :) ) whom I consider the principle cast of my personal Pantheon.

They are eating marshmallows round a bonfire for convoluted reasons that involve the Egyptians, a song by MGMT and a late night conversation with my friend Paul.

(PS. In case it's not obvious, from left to right we have Lucifer, Dionysus, Jesus and Buddha. Yes, Buddha is wearing make up. And that is glitter on Dionysus' chest)
Some friends brought me a drawing tablet for my 40th, so I've been having a practice. This was one of the first pieces to turn out pretty much the way I wanted - particularly happy with his coat.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

One Dark Knight...

Thinking about the old man now, it all seemed so unlikely. But then in so many other ways (for those privy to the details) it had been obvious the way things might go.

He was such a private person. Certainly for those initial weeks and months. Even after the old man took him into his confidences, showed him the other side of his life, there was still that distance. Initially he thought it may be because of his age, but time put paid to that idea. The old man kept him at a remove, despite the similarities between them.

Both orphans.

Both loosing their parents to foul play.

Both hungry for revenge.

He was never anything but kind. Even the brutality of their training bouts was calculated to protect.

“The streets are a mean place kid. I need to know you’re watching my back, never mind your own.”

Inevitably (he now realised with a smile), it was this violence that strengthened the bond. A bond that deepened as he became a young man.

That eventually brought them together.

It had been a particularly violent night. Clown faced psychopaths in the rain. Leather and kevlar slicked in blood. He’d taken two, one in the leg and another in the abdomen that blessedly missed anything major. The old man was all bruises like whip marks, at least one rib cracked and a nasty knife wound where someone got lucky.

He’d stitched the stab wound, was knelt before him applying salve to the bruising when their eyes met, those tired grey pools intent in the harsh light of a desk lamp. The Cave was quiet about them, just the lapping of the underground lake and the faint rustle of wings amidst the shadows above.

One callused hand reached out to cup his jaw, tracing the line of emerging stubble, thumb coming to rest of swollen lips. The other hands stilled his ministrations. Reached up to brush sweat drenched hair out of his eyes.

He remembered looking down, unable to meet the intensity of that gaze. Realising his knees were cold where he knelt on the corrugated steel floor.

The hand at his jaw lifted his chin again as the old man leant forward, their lips meeting in a kiss that tasted of iron and salt.

To this day he was still unsure whether it had been sweat or tears he could taste.

They held each other for a time, before his knees finally gave out and he lurched forward cramping.


A hand offered in darkness. Companionship in the night.

They left the Cave for the quiet speculation of the mansion above.

That first time was… awkward, as these things always are. Fumbling, exploratory. Not helped by the injuries they’d both taken earlier in the night. But for all that it was beautiful, innocent in a way that was surprising for two men so soaked in grief and violence.

He remembered waking in the night, the silk sheets in disarray at their waist, one of the old man’s arms draped casually across his chest. He lay there, listening to the soft rasp of his mentor’s snoring, a surreal sense of peace filling his veins briefly with the ice of adrenaline.

In the soft morning light he woke to an empty bed, a few flecks of dried blood and the lingering scent of the old man’s cologne the only hint that he’d been there.

Guilty and confused, he’d returned swiftly to his own suite, padding naked down empty halls. At breakfast he learned that “The Master has been called away on business.” A standard reframe he now knew played whenever the old man was fleeing something.

It would be two weeks before the experience was repeated. And several months before he plucked up the courage to broach the subject with Fred, only to discover the sharp eyed ex-Secret Service man had surmised what was happening from the beginning.

“Credit me with at least a little perspicacity, Master Dick. He may be a little enigmatic...”

“A little…?!”

“Yes, well.” Fred smiled. Proffered a fresh slice of toast. “If there’s one thing our years together have taught me, it’s how to see past that to the man beneath.” Wise eyes regarded him over wire frames. “You’re as bad as each other for denying what you really feel.”


Sometimes, lying awake in the depths of night, he’d try to fathom why it had happened. How, even. Various ideas presented themselves. Shared grief, that deep sense of solitude that seemed to ring through both their souls.

It was almost as if the toll of one bell cancelled out the other, leaving an expectant silence that begged to be filled.

Part of him wondered if it had all been a back lash, following what had happened with Selina. But that didn’t somehow feel quite right. And anyway, why him?

He’d eventually been forced to the conclusion that it was a fluke of fate. A possibility born out of the old man’s need and his more liberal upbringing.


“You know this is what the Greeks and Romans used to do?”

They were lying in bed, one of the curtains billowing softly across the room in the slight breeze off the gardens. It had been a quiet night, the lull before the storm neither of them had realised at the time was coming.

“Do what?”

“Include sex as part of their mentorship.”

He hoisted himself up on one elbow, eyebrow raised at the unfamiliar light dancing in the old man’s eyes. “This is payment…?!”

The old man chuckled deep in that broad, scar covered chest. “I’m not sure that’s quite how they put it.”

A brief bout of tickling, which the old man always won, his greater size and that apparent ability to turn sensation off that was both his greatest asset and his greatest loss. They came to rest with him on top, breath settling as he gazed down at the young man lying beneath him.

“Alfred is worried I’ll hurt you.”

He gazed up at the old man, those grey eyes sad once again. “He told me to enjoy what I have.”

The smile returned, the distance fleeing the old man’s eyes once again. “Best take his advice then.” As the old man shifted to kneel between his legs, soft lips and tongue tracing a delicious line down his abdomen.

“Yes indeed,” the young man replied, breath catching as he was swallowed whole.


On the streets nothing changed. And he found this dichotomy initially jarring. But then he recognised it for what it was: self preservation.

“I am the night,” as the old man was so fond of saying.

Personal feeling had no place in what they did. Justice is cold. So he stole himself to be the same. To expunge any sentiment from his being when he donned the mask.

It became their strength. But it was also to be their undoing.


“Not tonight.”

He lifted his arm from the old man’s shoulder. Feeling, suddenly, like an intruder. Those grey eyes found his, flinched away from the hurt. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“You know.” With a groan, he stood, favouring the leg he’d fallen badly on. Limping slowly, he headed for the server bank on the Cave’s far side. “Ask Alfred to bring me some coffee? I need to find out where these guys are getting their funding, so we can shut them down.”

Heart in his throat the young man nodded, the gesture wasted on the retreating back.

That final take down was bad for them both. Worse even than the one that had brought them together. He kept glancing across in the car on the way back to the mansion, catching glimpses of the horror that must haunt his own eyes. It was he who had crossed the line, a line the old man had stepped across years ago. But it had taken crossing it for them to both realise it was something neither of them really wanted.

That final loss of innocence was too much. And so the final nail was driven home.

They made love a final time a few days later. He came home to find rose petals unexpectedly waiting for him in the lobby, leading a trail up through the house to the old man’s room. It was so unexpectedly heartbreaking that all he could do initially was cry, and they both shared salty kisses for an hour before they were able to do more.

They were tender with each other, as they’d not been since that first night. And afterwards they fell asleep in each others arms.

When he woke in the morning he thought the old man had run away again. But then the bedroom door cracked, and the old man walked in, dressed already for the boardroom but with shirt still undone. He’d climbed out of bed, standing to fasten broadcloth into place, adding the tie that he’d given as a gift on the old man’s last birthday.

“Where will you go?”

He’d shrugged, smiling up at those sad grey eyes. “Not sure. I’ll put in for a transfer. I hear Detroit is nice.”

His former mentor nodded. Leant in for one final, chaste kiss. “Take care of yourself, you hear?”

“You too...” he murmured, tears blurring the morning light as he watched the old man walk away.

One Dark Knight
One of the things I've most enjoyed about Netflix's Titans show is the portrayal Dick Grayson's relationship with Bruce Wayne. It's been so well handled.

Watching it got me thinking about all the fandom that exists proposing a relationship between the two of them. There's often an element of camp surrounding them. I decided I wanted to try writing something with a slightly more modern sensibility, taking the show's heartfelt, slightly gritty tone as a starting point instead. You'll have to be the judge of how successful I've been.
So I've been gone for some time. Work became manic, then I got made redundant. Then I went back to studying. There've also been a couple of family emergencies thrown in there, for good measure.

Things are starting to look (and feel) a little more normal again. And I've a few bits I've been working on to preserve my sanity across the last half year that will soon be ready to share. The gallery will open its doors once again soon.

Paul x

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