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Toyota Concept Coupe

So after a loooooooong time of none chopping i decided to do this comp aswell, but ofcourse my past comes to haunt me, and i have had a SERIOUS tooth ache for the past 4 days , and im still in pain as i type.
I am going to the dentist today to get this fixed as i cant do anything and i have had sleepless nights for almost a week now .niot good when u need to work.

ANyway for the car i wanted to go back in time, back to my really OLD school style , realism is not an issue here as i go for design only ,so please look away from that.
I really liked the outcome and i am happy with it, i would work on it more but my tooth is just killing me =(

Anyway you all know the original ,
WHat i did i rebrushed the body ,white ofcourse and added some reflections . the light reflections is all custom same with custom wheels "overbrushed " .
Also designed my own headlights wich i am quite happy with , as i havent done theese in ages .

Please be gental with me as its been way to long since ive done this about 7-8months ,and there are mistakes i will not deny that . it was good fun to do, and i hope i get time for more ,but this time NO PAIN =(

You can find the Base here
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You did a Good Great job I saw the base car what a difference you made I would hire you any day!! love it!!
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love the picture can you plz give me the link to that amazing carbon fiber you use plz thanks you
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Very nice man, nice lighting

i love it *-*
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beautifull man
i whant to buy it, how much ?
the car :))
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I feel like I'm a year late with this comment - but I've been really busy...

The design 'changes' really added a better 'sport feel' to this car :)
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reminds me a bit of golf gti :p

but really nice stuff. :)
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awesome chris!
great work!
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Very good m8! ;) good job..
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good old glac style!!
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LOL Mate I want really do your mistakes! Amazing chop as usual!!
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Sweet I want that car!
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oh my GOD...

i loved it

congratts, its really perfect *-*

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beeeautiful chop man! nice rims
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Great design. Looks so bright! Keep it
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nice and clean chop bro , i like this white color at luxury cars :)..

This is glacius style ;)
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awesome chop dude
nice lighting !
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incredible! I'd buy that :D
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good as always dude! keep it up! you're doing fine :)
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Awesome mate, I really love the outcome! You haven't lost your touch.
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