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I just... really need to put something here that isn't 6 years old... *cough* >.>;

I'll probably update again in another 6 years. *grin*
I just got my own 1000th pageview! That's so sad. XD

Bah, got sick of seeing that stupid long, depressing journal entry on my user page. So here's one to fill the void. :P

Things to date:

1. Motor blew in car again on Aug. 27th - still don't have it back. >.<
2. James and I had a major falling out... but then we worked through things and we're all good now. :)
3. Almost walked out on my job 7 times since June. Fuck I hate being here. -.-
4. I'm being taken to collections for $1700 because we got evicted from our last apartment. They were supposed to go after my ex-roommate because he's the reason we got the boot, but they can't find him, so they want the money from James and I instead. Joy.
5. Dan moved in with Linds, James, and I, which is cool. Helps with bills and Linds is really happy, which makes me happy. :)
6. In reference to #2 - I've realized that I have to put more into this relationship if I want it to last, which I do. So my internet time is almost null and void except for odd things here and there. To Icey and all my Furc friends: I won't be around much at all any more, but I want you to know I love you all very much and miss you immensely. I'll have my times online, but it'll be random and far between. Icey: You're my girl, I love you to death and owe you so much for everything you've ever done for me. We'll go get sushi come the new year when I can afford to do stuff again and I have a car, lol. As for Frost, I'm going to work on it when I can. Big changes need to be made since the new update screwed all the positioning and whatnot. >.< I'll try to keep you updated. *squeezes*

Well, think that's all for now... maybe :P Anyways, work break is over, back to hell I go. Ha.

Man, I don't know what to do with my life any more... there are times when I just really don't want to be here. If it wasn't just one thing after another maybe I wouldn't be such a mental and emotional wreck right now, but I'm so sick of dealing with this shit. My car, mine and James' stolen rims, ex-roommate, ex-friends, having 4 pages of being trashed by people who don't even know me on a public message board, people trying to fuck with my relationship, my mom being a bitch, being laid off at the end of this month, having to look for a new job, being paranoid as hell of someone stealing/destroying mine or James' cars (it's amazing how absolutely run-down the after-effects of adrenaline have), stress in general, MONEY ISSUES (ei. late with rent, $100 owed to work, $430 owed to insurance, $120 owed to Brad [for the past 8 months], $45 to James, phone/cable/internet/power bills, car repairs, gas/oil [gas being at 99.9 cents a litre now -.-], groceries, and the list goes on...), and NOT HAVING ANY TIME TO ENJOY MY FURCADIA LIFE (ie. no time to work on Frost or even keep it up, feeling HORRIBLE because I haven't gotten the pics/other site stuff done for Rice and Omniscia, hoping my friends don't think I'm ignoring them cause I have no control over that right now :(). Not to mention this unbelievably disgusting start to what should be a nice warm, dry summer is really bumming me out too. >.< Will things ever turn around...?
Yay... lookit me! I'm all sick and stuffs *snort**sniffle* What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. >.> And to make matters worse, I have to work tomorrow... yippee. Oh how I hate the transition from winter to spring... I ALWAYS get sick at this time of year *shakes fist out window* DAMN YOU WINTER! HURRY UP AND LEAVE! >.<

Oh well... 1am... suppose I should be heading to bed >.>
Ok... I'm getting severely sick of seeing the same damn old journal entry every time I log on, so here's a new one.... whoopie :P

Well!!! Quite the mood I am in! And I don't even know why! Hehehehehehe ^-^ Finished the first draft of Alla's piccie, will be adding it to my gallery soon... will probably finish it over the weekend. I just started his draggy form tonight and am really impressed thus far with it. :) Looks like it might be my best dragon yet ^.^ Hopefully it'll turn out good. :) Alla's such a sweetie. Then I gotta finish Sphota's piccie >.< He says he'll renew my wings in exchange, so I really need to get that done... work is bein a pain though. x.x I'm so tired and lazy after a long day that I don't want to do anything but sit on the computer... gotta kick that :P Oh well! Bed time now! :D

Well, I've been feeling artsy all day, but of course had to spend the whole time working.. grr.. didn't get off til 5:30, and then I couldn't find my pencil when I got home! >.<! Looked for about 2 hours before my b/f got home, where he then told me he has a drawer full of pencils in his desk. x.x Go figure. So got to drawin finally and I'm happy now :D Haven't felt artistic in a while. o.o; Got my dragon started last... oh... December? and still haven't been able to finish the freakin head! >.< Grr, damn artist's block. u.u But I got my self piccie done the other day and I'm real happy ^-^ So hopefully I'll stay on this inspiration streak for a while. :) Get stuff done... especially since I owe a couple people piccies, and want to do a couple others for good friends. o.o

And last but not least... YAY! NICE WEATHER FOR ONCE! A wicked 21degrees Celsius :D WOO!