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Another Day Vol. 2 (Friends)
We're back together but not together,
Just good friends but that doesn't matter.
All I need to be is close to you
While I keep my feelings from showing through.
I'm ripping and tearing myself apart,
Doesn't matter because you've got my heart.
I don't need anyone to apply the glue
Because there's nothing in the world I won't do.
I keep coming back again and again,
Pretend I'm a friend no matter the pain.
Best friends but I still want more,
No wonder my head and heart are so sore.
Must be some kind of masochist,
Hanging on to everything I missed.
Friends to the end, and that's okay,
I'll hold on for you, and for another day...
:iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 4 0
Another Day
What have I lost? What have I done
To deserve this awful silence.
Thought it was real, thought it was fun,
But now I'm drowning in your absence.
I gave you my life, I gave you my all,
Isn't this what you always asked for?
I gave my heart, that wrecking ball,
I gave you all I had, or even more.
What did you want? What did I do?
Is there any way that I can fix this?
What can I say to get it through?
You're my only cure for emptiness.
I know these words hurt, I know they sting.
Trust me, I can feel everything.
I know that I'm hurt, I know you are too,
But all I need to fix me is you.
I don't wanna live, I don't wanna try,
All I want is to throw myself away.
I just want to fade, I just wanna die.
For you I'll keep fighting another day...
:iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 18 16
Favourite Song
I listen to your favourite song,
It's changed since I heard it before.
Am I just hearing it wrong
Or is it something more?
I hear new notes and notice new rhymes,
I never saw it as quite this happy.
But as I listen more and more times,
I start to wonder if it's just me.
:iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 4 0
Destiny's Call
Losing track of who I am, who I used to be,
Losing track of where I put my sanity.
I'm losing track of my sense of identity,
Now a shell of what I thought was me.
I don't ever write anything anymore,
I can't name what makes my soul so sore.
I don't even try to make sense of it all,
I'm busy trying to answer Destiny's Call.
Struggling to become someone worth being,
Struggling to find a future worth living.
Trying to set up a reality worth inhabiting,
To find reason for existing.
:iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 4 2
Terrore Impetum
Drawing breath through a dying diaphragm,
Holding a heart pounding like a battering ram.
I'm trying to slow my racing mind
Before it gets away and leaves me behind.
Floor meets knees in the middle of a crowd,
Voices in my head have never been so loud.
Averting my eyes from everyone's gaze,
Trying to hide my tear-stained face.
Staggering away into the safety of shadows,
Finding safety with my eyes shut closed.
Staring into my eyelids, trying to work out why
I feel like I'm about to collapse and die.
:iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 9 0
Don't you sometimes wish you could disappear
For a day, a week, or even a year?
Don't you sometimes wish that you could be
Just a long forgotten memory
Are you sick and tired of being here,
In a world where nothing is ever clear?
Are you tired and sick of this rotting world,
Where plans are unravelled and dreams unfurled?
Don't you sometimes long for the sweet embrace,
Numbing bliss which comes after the rat race?
Don't you sometimes long for the end of your story,
So you can fade away, just another dead memory?
Are you sick of the expectations forced upon you,
Wrapping around your throat 'til you turn blue?
Are you sick of the thought of the way they'd cope
When you finally stretch your brand new rope?
Don't you sometimes wish you could just leave
From everyone, from life, finally free?
Don't you sometimes wish you could just die
Without anyone left to mourn, miss, or cry?
:iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 7 7
Fractured Soul
Sometimes I bounce, sometimes I crawl,
But the changes hurt most of all.
You stand with me through my insanity,
But I tear you between each side of me.
Two different people live under my skin,
Trying to balance the conflict within.
I can't keep it together anymore,
I struggle to remember what I'm fighting for.
I fall apart like a dying rose,
As my time rapidly draws to a close,
And while you're all that keeps me whole,
I'm afraid you can't fix my fractured soul...
:iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 4 2
Tree by GlaciesArdeat Tree :iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 3 1 Pavement Macro by GlaciesArdeat Pavement Macro :iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 3 0 Lake 3 by GlaciesArdeat Lake 3 :iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 7 0 Lake 2 by GlaciesArdeat Lake 2 :iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 5 0 Lake 1 by GlaciesArdeat Lake 1 :iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 5 0 Night Street 2 by GlaciesArdeat Night Street 2 :iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 5 4 Night Street 1 by GlaciesArdeat Night Street 1 :iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 3 0 Street 2 by GlaciesArdeat Street 2 :iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 1 3 Plant 2 by GlaciesArdeat Plant 2 :iconglaciesardeat:GlaciesArdeat 4 0
woo. poems and stuff, you must be thrilled.

kidding ahahah, enjoy XD



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My birthday badge

Hi there, it's me, that stereotypical 18/19 year old emo poet. I can't be bothered to put much effort into writing a decent bio, but anything is better than my last one.

I have been a writer for a few years now. I wrote some experimental "songs" when I was around 15, then started writing poetry and short stories when I was around 16. I joined dA just before I got into writing poetry, when I thought I'd be more into writing short stories (then I got lazy and couldn't be fucked to type up stories).
I wrote about relationships (or crushes), depression, hate, anger, and general cringy pieces of shit that are typical of an angsty teen. My stories always seemed to involve either murder, suicide, or both, and never last more than a page. I don't know what my newer style is, or if I even have a style, since I can barely seem to write anything decent anymore. The few works I manage to get out seem to be going in more of a narrative-poem direction.

If you need someone to talk to, I might be willing to listen, but no promises, I check dA sporadically, and often have moods where I can't stand talking to anyone.
If you're going through tough times however, and no one else will listen, I will reply as soon as I can, with any answers I can think of. I never get annoyed at people that are going through the same kind of mental hell that I can't seem to get out of.

I hope this bio isn't as bad as I think it is, and I hope you enjoy my work, especially some of the cooler new stuff (excuse the pun about the poem I just released).

I'm an asshole, I'm a prick, I'm mopey, but worst of all, I'm a writer.

Mrs. Black by zabuzo Harry Potter - Slytherin by Momma--G GREEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOR! -DHMIS by DJ-Artz101 MIND BLOWN by ThatLuckyHorseshoe emote-jack free avatar by MenInASuitcase :Kill_the_director: by NerdXV :Parade: by Jtcgh That's The Spirit! by Terranout Santa's Defense... by Waluigi-Prower Emote-Styled: Pokemon Battle by dsinger

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Might make this something if I can be bothered:

You keep hitting me back and forth like a tennis ball
Keeping me trapped between hand and floor and a fucking brick wall
You keep on playing your little games with my bleeding heart
If you could just stop playing and make up your mind that'd be a fucking start

I'm sick of the way you keep me in hot pursuit
I think it's the way you're so fucking sexy and cute
I know it's wrong to think that, I know it's wrong to want you
I know it's wrong that despite it all I just want you to want me too
So the moral of the story is, don't hide feelings for someone, if they're so strong that you want to explode, find a way to let them know
To tell you all the truth ... I don't want to go to a psychologist because I'm scared that my issues are part of my personality now.
You've got me on my knees I'm your one man cult
Cross my heart and hope to die
Promise you I'll never leave your side
Hey guys, sorry for my lack of activity lately, I've been busy with working, moving, and trying to get something done with my life hah

I've actually had a work sitting in my notes for a while now (could be a few weeks or a few months old, I don't even know anymore, time has blurred into one for me lately), and I've got a new piece as well, so I'll post the old one now, and see if I can work the new one into something worth your time

Thank you to anyone who's still here
I owe all of you so much for listening to my shit
And if you enjoy my work, I'm sorry again, for not posting much, and for how the only works I manage all seem stale and like pathetic attempts at emulating my older stuff. This is why I've pretty much almost stopped writing. Everything I do manage seems like a concept or idea that I've already overdone, and no matter how long of a break I take, it doesn't help.
Once, I wrote that I was a "has-been at seventeen", little did I know that two years later, that statement would look naive and whiny compared to what I feel now.

Sorry about how this journal turned out, I guess I'm just annoyed at myself. At first I thought my problem was lack of inspiration and the fact that happiness is hard to write about, but the thing is, I'm not happy, I haven't been for fuck knows how long, I don't know why (I think I'll try to see a psych after I sort out moving etc), I guess happiness just doesn't suit me well

But anyway, I'll leave you all alone now, and I'll post some shit soon


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