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Nancy Botwin

Played by Mary-Louise Parker on weeds. I fell in love with the expression when I first saw it, so I had to paint it. Curly hair like this is much easier (and funner) to paint than straight hair. Go figure. Anyways, this was done in 2 days as usual (haha I'm getting pretty good at this). And to be fair I used a grid for the sketch and the eye-dropper tool for colors, so take that as you will. Oh, and I made a few modifications to the original, such as her left (our right) arm, and the fact that she is no longer wearing any clothes =p


For More: : [link] : [link]
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Outstanding!!! I loved this show.
God-bless-you-all's avatar
I thought this was a photo....FANTASTIC work! :love:
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It literally....looks like the picture. I am amazed. *_*
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Wow! I'm speechless! ^^
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i saw this pic on a art website, and it brought me here, dam, this is so FUCKING GOOD... i... i.... i think you are... god....
You have great work
So i want you talk more of your steps and the tool
That you are use it
And big thank you
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Astounding, simply unbelievable...
Grims-Assassin's avatar
I love the expression! She looks so real!
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this is soooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow..... Never saw the more realistic art before...
Perfect..... love it!
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I saw this on and thought "what a great photo!" which led me back to here. Jesus, you've got talent. May I ask what your process is briefly? :)
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Haha thank you :)

Hmm, if I recall, I used a grid to draw it out with pencil, scanned it in, then painted it in photoshop. It's a little tricky to explain the painting process, but it involves heavy use of the eye-dropper tool (alt key).

I have a few time lapse videos that demonstrate the process on my vimeo page: [link]

If there's anything specific that you'd like to know please don't hesitate to ask : )
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Holy crap, I thought this was a picture. You're painting job is amazing!
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OMG! Its awesome, but I think I am using the same ref image as you for a pencil drawing! Hope ya don't mind
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This is fantastic!
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this is mad awesome and i love that show <3
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such a beautiful woman irl, you did a really nice job capturing her
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I had to do SEVENTY DOUBLE-TAKES before I realized it was REALLY a PAINTING!:omg: :omg:

I was just browsing through google at random digital paintings and stumbled upon THIS! I swear, the texture looks so tangible, I could cry!
BRAVO!!!!! So glad I came upon this beautiful piece!!:clap:
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