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Nancy Botwin 2

Second one of Mary-Louise Parker. The first can be found here: [link] Same deal as before: 2 days, grid for the drawing, eyedropper for the colors. Couldn't resist how unfathomably gorgeous this woman is, so again, just had to paint.

I have a fever or something so I stayed at home friday and did this instead. Much better than a stupid essay that won't count for anything later in life.

Progress: [link]
Detail: [link]
Site: [link]

On a side note, the education system is corrupt and the scientists working on cern are morons. If it doesn't kill us all, then I will be happy to know an angel.

Stop over thinking.

See beauty, have faith, and create.
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I am so interested
Ostadzi's avatar
It is so interesting for me
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this is a drawing? YOU GOT IT DEAD ON. <3
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WOW! This is amazing, she looks so real! Great job!
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This is AMAZING!!!
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Hello! We find its art very interesting and we divulge it in ours blog, if to want to confer - > [link]
Ours Twitter -> [link]
vladimir-the-hamster's avatar
I seemed to have missed this. o_0
I'm here now though! :#1:

She's so pretty yaaaay. Which reminds me... I have about three essays or so due soon. :p
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dammmmn bro.. another excellent piece!
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Thanks so much man, apologies for the stupidly late reply. School has been raping =p
JaiBiz's avatar
hahha,, sall good
understandable.. scoped out the site,,
looks good man
Fantiserare's avatar
lol aaron made a ketchup sun on the lunch table when you weren't there on friday and we were joking how great it was :P

this surely beats that a million times!! :D
GlacierFusion's avatar
It's pretty clear that I am > aaron.

still gotta <3 dancey though
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She is as gourgeous as your skills buddy!

Currently playing:"PITTY - Deja vu"
GlacierFusion's avatar
She is, and thank you :)
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Oh, she definitely is beautiful. You totally did her justice too. :thumbsup:
GlacierFusion's avatar
That's all I can hope for.

I really should be doing more original work though haha
DylanPierpont's avatar
Ahhhh...see someones back at it with the Weeds characters again ;) Nice work
GlacierFusion's avatar
Haha I got re-excited when I found out that the new season was on showcase :D
DylanPierpont's avatar
My little bro's been watching it...he's more of a fan than i am. But I pop in every now and again to see what's up :)
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