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Medievil Stamp 2

By Glacideas
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I've never played the PSP game, but I absolutely LOVE the original Playstation game. I have the orchestrated score for the PSP one, though. It's absolutely WONDERFUL. Sorry if this stamp isn't the best, I'm planning on probably making more later.

Please comment or fav if you use it :3
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Such a great game on 90's to bad they don't make new MediEvil... ):
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Ah man! Good old memories! Medievil is absolutely one of the best PS exclusive franchises!
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Someone else who remembers!!
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I miss this gaaaame.

Ack, stupid younger self, Y U SELL OLD GAMES?
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Brilliant ^.^ I love this game. Thanks for making this stamp :heart:
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:iconfoxyayplz: that game was, is still, and ALWAYS WILL BE awesome! :iconloveplz:

btw, is the music for the psp version still the same? and am i right in thinking the psp version is a remake?
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The PSP version is a remake, but they change a LOT of stuff. I haven't even gotten that far yet. The music is the same, but they've just orchestrated it with a real orcestra. It's all really good.

You can listen to them here: [link]

I have the original, the remakes, and the credits for the second game.
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i own and have only ever played the first one, but even then the music was crazyamazing. i have the music from scarecrow fields, pumpkin gorge, hilltop mausoleum, and the credits of the first one on my music player.
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It is teh awes0mez0rz! I'ma make you play it again sos I can watch. P:
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I only ever played a demo of this (and Abe's Odyssey and 40 Winks, equally awesome games) but I loved it anyway~ if I ever happen to get a full-version of it, I'm gonna use this. :B
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you must! it's lotsa fun :B I remember those games, they were the best back in the day XD
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Hah I need to get back into my old PS1 games. I have hundreds of demo discs.. I'll play through them all and see what ones to get. :3
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awesome friggen game back in the day
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yes it was :D I just replayed it. It's STILL awesome :D
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