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Pony Resize project (Resource)

This resource pack is not to be sold for any reason in full or in part. (Next time, notify me if you want to put something on Pony SFM)

After half a month The pony resize project is ready to go.

Now you no longer need to request Fillies and colts. If you can compile it, you can make your own kid pony.

These are the resized Pony overhaul source files, resized using Link's model resizer. Included are all the parts needed to put together an OC, 98% of the accessories, the Green Lantern mask, and Evil genius Twilight's googles

Notice to SFM users: This pack is designed to make it easier to make ponies at the size you need. With this you can bypass SFM's resize tool, and speed up your project by already having the correct size. These files are also intended for use in creating ponies for Gmod

Due to the entire pack being bigger then what DA would allow, I divided it up into 3

Part 1: Half size
Part 2: Kid size
Part 3: big sibling size (Labled teen in the picture)

Eye corrections for the files:
Size .68 is also included in the qc for teddy

the original source files were created by:iconponinnahka:

The included Example QC is of a yet to be released G1 pony called Teddy

Update: All resources updated to have the fixed wing
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I have a mac, it wont work 4 me, rip me X3 Ha haha HAAHAH T_T.
Could u make 1 for me or no im so sorry for asking
Glaber's avatar
I don't take model requests anymore.
MineCatXD's avatar
How do I even
??? im so confused
MineCatXD's avatar
Xenon2462's avatar
is there a bat version of this?
Glaber's avatar
not of the new bat bodies. This does include the bat wings and a fang flex though.
Xenon2462's avatar
Say I wanted the bat ears on the small model what could I do?
Glaber's avatar
That's going to require the bat body models being resized.
Xenon2462's avatar
WarthogS117's avatar
I've had an issue but I've fixed it, thanks for making such a easy size system.
SpiritWolfOfIce's avatar
this is just a wondering and i know i have asked alot of questions but when making a colt with .5 body size is he supposed to be the size of a normal stallion because thats what im getting
Glaber's avatar
can I see your qc file?
SpiritWolfOfIce's avatar
I can't get to it right now but I can get it too you tomorrow if that's okay?
Glaber's avatar
that's fine, if you do get to it later today check your pathways. make sure you're using the .5 folders and not the regular ones.
SpiritWolfOfIce's avatar
Qc <--- thats the QC its in zip file
Glaber's avatar
I see nothing wrong with the qc and when I compiled it, I got the pony at the right size.

Do you have the right files in the right folders? if you checked in the model viewer, did you turn  the ground on?
SpiritWolfOfIce's avatar
Yea I figured out what was wrong I just derped and thought when it showed up the model viewer it was a normal sized stallion so yea my mistake sorry for the bother and thanks for the reply
Glaber's avatar
no problem, some times we need a second person.
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Alright thanks and I'll make sure to get it to you tomorrow
QuickBoom's avatar
Hello I have a problem with the eye of my OC in .68 O.o…
Glaber's avatar
what did you do?

You're the first person to report this so I need details, possibly including the QC file you used.
Glaber's avatar
ok I found your problem, you're using the wrong flex files.  On quick bloom, moonheart, and kid v2 (whoever this is) you're using flexes meant for males.
For quick bloom and moonheart you have to use flexes for rarity's body type
on Kid V2 you have to use the set for Rainbow Dash
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