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Pony Overhaul Resource addon pack 1 (UPDATE1)



This resource pack is not to be sold for any reason in full or in part.

It's been announce earlier this year, and now it's finally done.
This pack contains source files and texture notes for each new source file. Also included is the fixed version of the Left bat wing.

Original files created by:
:iconoogaboogaman::iconglaber:and :iconponinnahka:

these source files are to be used in the creation of Gmod and SFM ponies. Base overhaul source files required.

The fangs shown here were previewed in the HL2 Model Viewer

Fixed smoving issues with Luna's mane and the left bat wing

Notes for Fang use: Fang Flex definations

Pack is a supplement to this:…
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Any reason I can't use the models for something other than SFM (but still not selling anything)? I'm having a very hard time finding batpony wing models.