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I have finally got my shit together and will be uploading my recent artwork. I’ve made the decision to focus on traditional art, and give digital a rest for now. Ultimately I feel they are almost the same thing, and they(traditional and digital) have served to compliment each other.

I also have some other sites, so check them up and hit me up and we can connect!


Here is a sampler of some work, I will upload them individually.

25f9d65f-c099-4dad-9a39-961a3f047881 by gkpainting
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Its been a long time since I’ve done any kind of update. I’ve been really busy studying oil painting and drawing, trying to improve my skill. As you might understand, being in this stage, I really was not too eager to show work until I felt I was ready. I feel like I’ve established a better understanding of traditional and digital art(I started doing digital exclusively on Ipad Pro with Procreate). I plan to be posting a lot more regulairly now, and I also look forward to seeing all your works as well! 

Enjoy my updates!

The Archangel of Argenton by gkpainting

The Midnight Soman Boutique by gkpainting

Ashley Reclining by gkpainting

Ashley Portrait by gkpainting

Ashley Body by gkpaintingLa Fee Verte by gkpainting
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I submitted 2 entries to this years High Art contest, and my piece "Green Harvest" got first place!! I received a cash prize, as well my artwork will be features on their products for a year!

Mature Content

Green Harvest by gkpainting

Mature Content

Cherry Strain Hunter by gkpainting

Well the new figure drawing studio has been growing strong. And I must say, all that drawing and painting has helped my skill tremendously. You can follow my studio on facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/calgaryfiguredrawing/

<da:thumb id="612648468"/><da:thumb id="612648150"/><da:thumb id="612647888"/><da:thumb id="612647798"/><da:thumb id="612647272"/>

I've also started a sketchbook, where I am experimenting with freehand ink drawings. I will likely move to com col erase pencils as well.

Mature Content

Ink Sketch - Man and Birds by gkpainting
Ink Sketch - Flowers by gkpainting Ink Sketch - Game Characters by gkpainting MirrorPigsInk Sketch - Mirror and Pigs by gkpainting

Hope everyone is doing good and being productive!!

Best Regards,

Geoffrey Klepeis
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2 min read
I managed to start up a new studio for Calgary Figure drawing. It is by far the nicest and more prestigious location yet.

Here are some shots from the studio

Mature Content

Some artists drawing by gkpainting

Mature Content

Hildegard Posing by gkpainting

And some of my artwork

Mature Content

Hildegard Contemplating by gkpainting

Mature Content

Double Reclining Figure Drawing, Kat and Riley by gkpainting
Vanity Mirror and Eggs by gkpainting<da:thumb id="579207324"/><da:thumb id="579207467"/>

I've got some new illustration also on the way.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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Anyone on pinterest? Follow my board!

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