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I submitted 2 entries to this years High Art contest, and my piece "Green Harvest" got first place!! I received a cash prize, as well my artwork will be features on their products for a year!

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Green Harvest by gkpainting

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Cherry Strain Hunter by gkpainting

Well the new figure drawing studio has been growing strong. And I must say, all that drawing and painting has helped my skill tremendously. You can follow my studio on facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/calgaryfiguredrawing/

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I've also started a sketchbook, where I am experimenting with freehand ink drawings. I will likely move to com col erase pencils as well.

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Ink Sketch - Man and Birds by gkpainting
Ink Sketch - Flowers by gkpainting Ink Sketch - Game Characters by gkpainting MirrorPigsInk Sketch - Mirror and Pigs by gkpainting

Hope everyone is doing good and being productive!!

Best Regards,

Geoffrey Klepeis
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