Been a while, been busy though!

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By gkpainting
Its been a long time since I’ve done any kind of update. I’ve been really busy studying oil painting and drawing, trying to improve my skill. As you might understand, being in this stage, I really was not too eager to show work until I felt I was ready. I feel like I’ve established a better understanding of traditional and digital art(I started doing digital exclusively on Ipad Pro with Procreate). I plan to be posting a lot more regulairly now, and I also look forward to seeing all your works as well! 

Enjoy my updates!

The Archangel of Argenton by gkpainting

The Midnight Soman Boutique by gkpainting

Ashley Reclining by gkpainting

Ashley Portrait by gkpainting

Ashley Body by gkpaintingLa Fee Verte by gkpainting
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Glad to have you back and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more updates.
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Thanks pal I appreciate it.