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Vector Brush Pack 1

This is a vector brush pack I made a month or two ago but just stumbled upon it again. I'm definitely going to make a 2nd one soon.

Favs, D/Ls and Comments appreciated!
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Thanks for the share
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Downloaded :)
Thanks ^^
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Thank you for the brushes, they're amazing :D Used them here: [link]
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You're welcome! :D.
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Gah won't open. Can you make it .zip or something?
ARGH! Why cant I open it? I am trying to open it with photoshop 3.0 but nothing loads
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if you mean CS3 then if you just open them - they should appear as a brush option

if you actually mean photoshop old old old old 3.0 it won't work in there.

if you go under the edit preferences or user pallet or presets or something (idk off the top of my head), you can add them for good to your brush list
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These look nice, thanks!
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I used ur brush [link] ... Thanx
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I collected them all, they are great, thank you for sharing.
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thank you for commenting!
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nice! i'll use this! thanks
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These are really cool. I really love the lines.
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cool! thx, downloading
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nice set i can already imagine ways to useem
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thanks for the comment!
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hmm... thanks you !!!
Sure I'll use this soon ;)
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wow...thank you for posting this set :) ...and i am downloading them..hoping that they could be useful

sometime...i will keep a link back, if i ever use it in any of my art works..
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