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GK Vector Brush Pack v.3.0.0

UPDATE: Thanks for the love, everyone. [link] is no longer up so it's not worth checking out. No resources, but my current work is at [link]

Wow, my third vector brush pack. Made in CS3, should work for anything past PS7. There are over 20 brushes in this pack. I tried to show some originality here. My v2 pack [link] got over 1000 downloads and my v1 [link] over 450 downloads. As always fav's, downloads, and comments are appreciated. Please fav if you download, and feel free to link to examples where you used my brushes. I hope you all enjoy them! Look out for a splatter brush pack coming soon!

For more of my work and others, check out .o2Designz at [link] !

Please :+fav: if you D/L to raise it's popularity!
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Exellent Work!!! Looks beautiful!!!
Please check my latest work
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Downloaded :)
Thanks ^^
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You're welcome for all of them!
Rin-Kaleido-Rehg's avatar
*OO* Very nice!
Thanks <3333
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You're welcome :D.  I don't use PS very much anymore, but I do miss this time of my life!
Rin-Kaleido-Rehg's avatar
Oh I see n.n
It is always good to remember c: 
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Memory is helpful in life! :)
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very good,cool,awesome,nice....etc
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Great Brush Pack!
Art I made:[link]
how to download ?
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Click the download link and add them to Photoshop!
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Thanks for the brushes! They're awesome :)
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Thanks, you're welcome!
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Hey !
Nice stock you have here !

I'd like to use it, but before I want to be sure that you agree to it : I have a project at school, and I'd like to create a poster (the theme is about urban, nature ...) so they won't be any profit from it (no selling or what so over) but it will be exposed to everyone !
If I give you full credit on it, do you allow me to use it or do you any more restrictions ?

Thanks and keep the good work up !
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Sorry for the late reply, feel free to use them however you'd like!
Cecilou-chan's avatar
No problem, you are the first one to reply actually xD
Thanks !! :)
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Thank you! :D (I'm rebuilding my preset stockpile from scratch with a laptop :juggle:)

*checks "get vectors brushes that don't look exactly like every other set" off my list. :nod:
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Thank you so much ♥

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Looks awesome. Might use them. :D :+fav:
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