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gjlz87's avatar Pinstripe II

After a few years I bring to you my new version of Opera Pinstripe Skin. This skin is based in Pinstripe Skin for Mozilla by Kevin Gerich.
In this version I used almost all the new effects of the new Opera 10.5. I try to skin every single element, and I think this skin is one of the more complete skins you can find for Opera.

What can I find in the skin?
Well, I made this skin thinking in the usability and simplicity. To do that I create a Toolbar configuration with almost thirty new buttons, and set up the toolbars to make it clean, so you can identify every element easily.

What can I expect in future releases?
I will try to make this skins the most complete skin, and of course the most clean and easy to use. I find new ways to do things every day, and think in ways to improve. But for the moment in next weeks I’ll try to port the Skin to Mac. And then I’m thinking to add more style to the skin, so you can choose between Pinstripe and other button style.

How can I install it?
First you have to download the skin. Now you have to copy the file Pinstripe to C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera 10.5\skin

Then you have to install the toolbar. It is in my DevArt Page.


The copy it to C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera 10.5\toolbar

When you did it, you have to select the toolbar and skin inside Opera, and Voila!
Warning, I didn’t test it on windows XP, so I don’t know if it works.
Important, this skin is only for Opera 10.50.

Enjoy it.
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Is there any plan for future update of this excellent skin?
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Yes, i'm working in a verion for the Opera new version, 12.0 soon. But sinze a long time age, i have no much time like before. And the truth is the last months i lost the enthusiasm for skining, but i start again a few weeks ago. So, I expect release new stuff soon :)
This is my favorite skin for Opera on every OS. My only pet peeve is the misplaced security button (high, untrusted etc.) on latest versions of Opera. I've tried to modify the skin, but not been able to fix this. If you have a new version of this skin with a properly placed security button, it would be great if you could share. I'm now using Opera Next 12 Alpha 1289.
Never mind, I figured it out. Here is a modified version with properly placed security button on Opera 12: [link] . All security levels have gray button.
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Thanks man .. Waiting impatiently for it .. I can say it without any hesitation that your skin has greatly enhanced the Opera experience in Mac .. Its one of the best skin in Mac platform ...

Cant wait for the 12.0 release ... Do you have any teaser of the skin to share? .. Tentatively when you would be releasing it?
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g87 - "humm ... only for "Op' 10.5" ... running 11, will need to cycle back to - thank's !!"
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Its the best skin of Opera in Mac platform. It blends in perfectly, see here [link] to see how it looks in Mac.

However, the buttons need some work to get them the look and feel of Mac. Also the top line above the tab bar could be removed and the tab bar could be moved a little up (similar to chrome). The speed dial entries could ve black background ... Etc.

I would request the author to publish an upgraded version, if possible.
Is there any update?
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Amazing! Looking forward for 10.6 compatibility bug fixes.
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thank you sooooooo very much! i still have "original" ones from 5-6 years ago (safari/milk/intApp/etc..) for previous versions of Opera :) you, you.... SkinMaster!!! :) Tnx again!
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Amazing skin..would u pls make another one with system frame for XP?
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I have no copy of Windows XP. So i can not do an XP version.
Sorry, but if someone want to do it, i give my permission
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It's really a long time since last release...

THX for sharing~
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Mmm.. this makes me use opera again... thank you and i am waiting for mac version ;)
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wow great release... waited too long for this... too bad i moved to mac :D
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Dont Worry, i'll release a Mac version Soon, but by now you can use this version on Opera for Mac, is not perfect but work Ok ;) You have to opy the file to your Library/Preferences/Opera/skins and toolbar, and voila.
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