My website got ripped!!

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By gizmodus
Hello all!

It's been a long time and it's no good news this time. =/
Before I was browsing the Internet a bit and accidentally landed on this page:

>>>> <<<<
>>>>… <<<<

This guy ripped my page design! He was even too lazy to change the source code because when you search google for "reto kaul" his page is listed, too. And the most disgusting thing is that he might even have paid someone for this design. When you go to the "kontakt" section there's written "Webdesign: Jochen Conrad".
What would you do??
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I would probably cry :XD: but that is just me :P I've known people to have done it before and it really makes me mad because they didn't do any work on it whatsoever so why should they get the credit you know?
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Zum Kotzen... hast Du von denen noch irgendwas gehört? :(
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ne, aber sie haben's still schweigend runtergenommen (auf jeden fall die IE version).
für mich ist die sache erledigt... :)
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Achso... das hatte ich nicht gesehen, da ich mit Firefox natürlich die andere Version der Seite zuerst besichtigt habe *hust* (die noch da ist). Naja, ich drück dir mal die Daumen, dass sowas nicht nochmal vorkommt. Leute die Bilder von anderen ohne nachzufragen auf ihrer Website ausstellen, weil sie sie so schön finden, ist ja das eine, aber sich selbst als Urheber von andererleutes Arbeit ausgeben, pfui.
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ja, ich kann es auch nicht haben!
glaube, die firefox version ist nur noch da, weil der zauberer nicht einmal weiss, dass es die gibt. hehe ;)
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That very sucks.
Before killing him I would actually try to figure what the hell made him do such rip-off.
And if he paid someone to do this then it's even more disturbing.

Also, your webpage is way better, he actually lacks proper fonts :P
Though yeah, green is nice too.
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Dang, that sucks t' hell . . . though I'm glad to see you're on your way to resolving it ;) Yeesh. If that happend to me, I'd sue their ass off in court ><
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jo, auf jeden Fall kontaktieren. Bin mal gespannt was er sagt, denn das gestohlene Design ist mehr als offensichtlich...
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Hey, thank you all for your thoughts!
I emailed this guy now. Anxious to his reaction... ;)
I keep you updated...
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Sorry to hear that. Well, I would definitely contact both the site owner and designer as suggested by your friends here and go from there. I love your site design and really think it should stay original and "clone free"
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things to do:
1. Contact the site owner
2. Contact the site "designer"
3. Add a color scheme changer to your website cause it looks kick ass in green too ^^
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Yep i have to agree... first step is contacting the guy...
see where it goes
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I would definitely contact him and try to find out if he had ripped it himself or if he really did have someone else do his page layout. I'd say is a good chance he put a phony name up like that merely to protect himself, ya know? So he could be like "oh, nonono it wasn't me it wa this bad man that designed it for me, I can't believe .. blah blah blah" And I'd do everything I could if I was you to get him to take it down AND I'd be sure once I found out who exactly had ripped me that I spread far and wide just how big of a piece of ^%#$# he is.

Just my :twocents:, I can't stand thieves.
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this is disgusting.... have you contacted the person about this?
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Naja erstmal ne email schreiben, auf deine homepage hinweisen und dich erkundigen wer dieser Jochen Conrad ist.
Ist schon blöd sowas, aber vielleicht ändert er es ja schnell wenn du ihm schreibst, besonders wenn er selbst nicht weiß, dass das layout gerippt ist...
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What a douche bag, you should try and get him to take it down, or atleast give the proper credit.
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