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  • Listening to: St Germain
  • Watching: Scrubs
  • Playing: Tennis
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Yogi Tea (with cinnamon taste mmmm)
WOW... 100 favourites in such a short time O:
Thanks everyone for visiting my gallery!! I try my best to keep it updated... :D

A few of you asked about it so I put up some steps of my last picture in my scraps. Unfortunately I don't have any earlier stages. My small harddisc forces me to flatten the layers from time to time. Sorry!
Anyway, here's the link:…

Thanks again for your support! :)
Hello all!

It's been a long time and it's no good news this time. =/
Before I was browsing the Internet a bit and accidentally landed on this page:

>>>> <<<<
>>>>… <<<<

This guy ripped my page design! He was even too lazy to change the source code because when you search google for "reto kaul" his page is listed, too. And the most disgusting thing is that he might even have paid someone for this design. When you go to the "kontakt" section there's written "Webdesign: Jochen Conrad".
What would you do??
Have a look at my scrap-section! ;)
There are 2 new speedpaintings...…