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Museum of Modern Art

The national museum of Mirandopolis is directly built in a huge cave near the city. It consists of three halls with different collections of artwork: the hall of lights on the right with the best paintings in the world, the hall of sculptures (on the left) and the hall of science which is only accessible by zeppelin (and not visible in this picture).

Enjoy your visit! ;)
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awesome, are those soldiers on the ground? i like to think they are.
babette-huenerwadel's avatar
amazing work!! love it! :heart:
skaRface6's avatar
you're really good at landscapes :D Love the colors you use :D Great job!
Jesus-is-My-Homeboy's avatar
A utopia. A world where art brings a whole city of people together. Awesome. The idea alone deserves a DD not to mention the actual painting is phenominal.
gizmodus's avatar
Thank you very much! Glad you like it... Heheh a DD would be great :D
Jesus-is-My-Homeboy's avatar
your welcome and u certainly deserve it
Zace's avatar
Wow... This is actually pretty confusing to me... Makes one do a double take, and say "How the.."
bdevries's avatar
wait. I think I see the zeppelin. It's very faint in the distance, but I kind of like that. Just hints of things. Excellent image of vast space.
zeiva's avatar
Nice paintings! I like the colors!
Yetska's avatar
its beautiful...
i just love the atmosphere...
obviously-subtle's avatar
Instant fav... I wish I could create lighting like that. It's wonderful.
NewLucidity's avatar
God DIZAMN! I only wish with the faintest hope that I could one day draw backdrops like this. *Applauds you*
great feeling of space bro :) great job^^
danirolli's avatar
damn du rocksch eifach hie vou eis ab
gizmodus's avatar
hehe, ned so krass wie Du abrocksch... :)
hanebito's avatar
This is really amazing. @_@
blownaFUSE's avatar
wow. I just see myself going there, and lookng up in awe at all the wonderous and inventive things that are there. fav.
vivien82's avatar
i want to go there.
DeepThroatie's avatar
Jeez, that's great... Or I should say ANOTHER one GREAT piece from you :clap:
Branchewski's avatar
Great idea and concept :).
Sirianah's avatar
That's a great piece. The museum concept is cool, but I thought it was an underground city at first. The lighting is very nice!
annisahmad's avatar
caught me off guawrd with this one! nice work buddy!~
larkin2's avatar
Nice scene. I love those people as well. They've got class :D
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