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Mirandopolis: Mainstation

By gizmodus
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This is a view of Mirandopolis mainstation. It's situated in the heart of Mirandopolis and acts as an important hub for arriving tourists. A complicated network of escalators brings travellers to their desired train platform. Sometimes these platforms are over 100feet above ground. The orange high speed trains are characteristic for Mirandopolis. They are supplied with 100% CO2 neutral electricity which is gained directly in the trainstation with the help of a huge plant system.
At the bottom of the picture is the waiting area where people can rest, have an icecream or simply enjoy the spectacular architecture.
Enjoy your visit!
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Wow this is a beautiful and unique concept!

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The very attractive picture
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you see alot of different visions of the future, but I think this here painting is the most accurate to what a future city setting would look like. "Fantasy" is right.
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really awesome work, wish i could go there myself
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beautyyy, it reminds me of a modern day Avatar (blue people not anime).
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Oh man. This is so cool. I love green. And trains. And train stations.
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Hello there ! Your picture is splendid!
The green/yellow light added much space and air here.

I think a little flickers of light should appear on some of these little figures, because they all look the same.

Good luck! :dance:
I love the idea of having that tree like part in the center branching out. Not something I'd expect. It also feels conceptually grand, very open and non claustrophobic.

I lik everything about this image.
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This is beautiful, I love your Mirandopolis pieces!
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nice color and nice concept :)
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Beautiful :)
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reeeeeaaaaaaally cool
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color palette is gorgeous, and I do feel like this is a very relaxing enviornment!
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Beautiful - I love how you blended so many colors into a harmonious whole.
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So nice to see your new work!
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Featured in :iconconceptworld:

Awesome concept greatly executed. ^_^
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This is a really beautiful concept. Would love to see this worked up into more detail.
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oh lebst du auch noch! Schick!
Wow... nice work...
beautiful colours...
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like ;) nice concept :)
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